Issues and Campaigns

  • Congratulations to the Winners!

    Congratulations to the Winners!

    It was a great day for our end

  • PDA Radio - 11/16 to 11/22

    PDA Radio - 11/16 to 11/22

    Shows from 11/16 to 11/22

  • End Corporate Rule

    End Corporate Rule

    Time and again, whether we are

  • Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

    Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

    The U.S. election system is in

  • End Mass Criminalization

    End Mass Criminalization

    The United States houses 25% o

  • End Wars and Occupations

    End Wars and Occupations

    Since 2001, terrorism and inst

  • Equal Rights Amendment

    Equal Rights Amendment

    The ERA 3 State Strategy Issue

  • Stop Global Warming

    Stop Global Warming

    No issue reveals more clearly

  • Economic and Social Justice

    Economic and Social Justice

    The enormous wealth disparity

November Progressive Round Table

Stop Global Warming

End Mass Criminalization

Economic and Social Justice

Stop Bad Free Trade Deals

End Corporate Rule

End Wars and Occupations

Equal Rights Amendment (3 State)

Healthcare Human Right

Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

California Federal Legislators

55 Legislators/ 34 Sponsors = 55% Support

ERA 3 State Legislation (SJ Res 15/HJ Res 113)
Alice Paul Congressional Gold Medal (S 457/HR 874)



 Name Sponsor CPC Black Hispanic A/P  Twitter
 Dianne Feinstein (D)  S 457          @SenFeinstein
 Barbara Boxer (D)  SJ Res 15
 S 457
 Karen Bass (D-37) HJ Res 113
 HJ Res 43
Yes Yes      @RepKarenBass
 Xavier Becerra (D-34)  HJ Res 113  Yes   Yes Yes  @RepBecerra
 Ami Bera (D-07)         Yes  @RepBera
 Julia Brownley (D-26) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
 Ken Calvert (R-42)            @KenCalvert
 John Campbell (R-45)            @RepJohnCampbell
 Lois Capps (D-24)  Previous          @RepLoisCapps
 Judy Chu (D-27) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes     Yes  @RepJudyChu
 Paul Cook (R-08)            @RepPaulCook
 Jim Costa (D-16)       Yes    @RepJimCosta
 Tony Cardenas (D-29) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
    Yes    @RepCardenas
 Susan Davis (D-53) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
       Yes  @RepSusanDavis
 Jeff Denham (R-10)            @RepJeffDenham
 Anna Eshoo (D-18) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
      Yes  @RepAnnaEshoo
 Sam Farr (D-20) HJ Res 113
HR 874, HJ Res 43
Yes         @RepSamFarr
 John Garamendi (D-03) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
 Janice Hahn (D-44) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes         @Rep_JaniceHahn
 Mike Honda (D-17) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes     Yes  @RepMikeHonda
 Jared Huffman (D-02) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes        @RepHuffman
 Duncan Hunter (R-50)            @Rep_Hunter
 Darrell Issa (R-49)            @DarrellIssa
 Doug LaMalfa (R-01)            @RepLaMalfa
 Barbara Lee (D-13) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes Yes   Yes  @RepBarbaraLee
 Zoe Lofgren (D-19)         Yes  @RepZoeLofgren
 Alan Lowenthal (D-47) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
 HR 874
      Yes  @RepLowenthal
 Doris Matsui (D-06)  HJ Res 113       Yes  @DorisMatsui
 Kevin McCarthy (R-23)            @kevinomccarthy
 Tom McClintock (R-04)            @RepMcClintock
 Buck McKeon (R-25)            @BuckMcKeon
 Jerry McNerney (D-09)  HJ Res 113        Yes  @RepMcNerney
 Gary Miller (R-31)            @RepGaryMiller
 George Miller (D-11) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
 Yes        @askgeorge
 Grace Napolitano (D-32)  HJ Res 113
 HJ Res 43
    Yes Yes  @gracenapolitano
 Gloria Negrete McLeod
 HJ Res 113     Yes    @RepMcLeod
 Devin Nunes (R-22)            @Rep_DevinNunes
 Nancy Pelosi (D-12)             @NancyPelosi
 Scott Peters (D-52)            @RepScottPeters
 Dana Rohrabacher (R-48)            @DanaRohrabacher
 Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-40) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes      Yes  @RepRoybalAllard
 Ed Royce (R-39)            @RepEdRoyce
 Raul Ruiz (D-36)  HJ Res 113     Yes    
 Loretta Sanchez (D-46)  HJ Res 113     Yes Yes  @LorettaSanchez
 Adam Schiff (D-28)  HJ Res 113
 HJ Res 43
      Yes  @RepAdamSchiff
 Brad Sherman (D-30) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
       Yes  @BradSherman
 Jackie Speirer (D-14) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
      Yes  @RepSpeier
 Eric Swalwell (D-15)  HJ Res 113       Yes  @RepSwalwell
 Linda Sanchez (D-38) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes    Yes Yes  @RepLindaSanchez
 Mark Takano (D-41) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes     Yes  @RepMarkTakano
 Mike Thompson (D-05)  HJ Res 113
 HJ Res 43
 David Valadao (R-21)            @RepDavidValadao
 Juan Vargas (D-51)       Yes    @RepJuanVargas
 Maxine Waters (D-43) HJ Res 113 Yes  Yes      @MaxineWaters
 Henry Waxman (D-33) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43

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