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Saturday, 26 April 2014 22:35

Missouri needs jobs and revenue from Medicaid expansion

Written by  Angela DiCosola | The St. Louis Post Dispatch
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For those still not convinced by the editorial board’s piece “ ‘This thing is working’ ” (April 21), the bone of contention is almost always about cost.

Many conservative legislators and their constituents all seem to be asking the same question: “How will Missouri pay for costs of Medicaid expansion?” The real question is: How can we afford not to?

With expansion, Washington is essentially offering states a deal. Instead of only matching 60 percent of Medicaid costs, the federal government will cover 90 percent.

Medicaid expansion actually increases revenue for states. With more federal money to purchase health care, doctors, hospitals and other providers will benefit. This would create thousands of new jobs and therefore greater state revenue.

Another area where the federal government will pick up the tab for states is prison health care. Medicaid would cover many prisoners under the expansion, lightening Missouri’s budget load.

Nevertheless, a handful of conservative legislators abhor Obamacare. Simply put, they just won’t take the money. Unfortunately, their principles could profoundly cost their states.

Missouri desperately needs jobs and revenue, and many Missourians desperately need health care. Medicaid expansion for Missouri is the solution.

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