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Join the "Countdown to Coverage"

Written by  Liz Warren

Share TPP with your Daily Newspaper and Be a Media Watchdog

As the U.S. continues to hammer out multi-nation trade agreements like TPP, seeing that dealmakers act in the best interests of all stakeholders can be a tall order. Especially when a dozen countries, their negotiators, and some 600 corporate "trade advisers" have pinkie-sworn to keep the details "secret."

President Obama, secret-keeper- in-chief, is now pressuring Congress to grant him Fast Track Authority so he can get the deal done with minimal interference from pesky citizens demanding government transparency.

The thing is, here in America we actually celebrate the public's right to know what government is up to. Nobody knows that better than our media-savvy allies at Communication Workers of America (CWA).

CWA devised a simple plan for which they were uniquely suited: drag TPP out of the shadows and into the light - one city at a time - using a medium they understand intimately: DAILY NEWSPAPERS!

Two CWA members – Dave Felice in Denver, CO and Madelyn Elder in Portland, OR, have started the ball rolling. We just need to keep up the momentum leading up to a big day of petition deliveries in January!

Stage 1 - Drafting and Submitting Your Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor
Use this tool to create and share an Op-Ed or letter to the editor. Draft your own, or copy and adapt one of the sample letters to send an Op-Ed or letter to the editor to your own daily newspaper.


Stage 2 - Following Up on your Op-Ed or Letter to the Editor

  1. Call or check in with the newspaper to see if your letter or Op-Ed is scheduled or has run.
  2. Report results using the reporting link
  3. If the story ran, copy and paste the link in the Report Results so we can repost on the TPP page and archive it


Stage 3 - Drafting and submitting your "Thank You" or "Call Out" petition
The day you know what became of your submission, or soon after, post either a "thank you" or a "call out" petition on the MoveOn site and share it. To create and post your petitions go to Draft your own or copy and paste language from one of the petitions below and adapt it with your name and the name of your local newspaper.


  1. Link to Dave's sample petition - Calling Out the Denver Post
    (For papers that won't run your letter, Op-Ed or any other that offers an objective view of the TPP) borrow from Dave or create your own
  2. Link to Madelyn's petition - Thanking the Portland Oregonian
    (For papers that have run your letter or Op-Ed, or have given objective coverage to the TPP issue) borrow from Madelyn or create your own


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Join our Twitter Storm

If you have a Twitter account you can help stop Fast Track on the TPP. Sign-in to your Twitter account and copy and paste the Tweets from our Twitter storm. Or you can copy your favorite Tweet and then click on the map and Tweet your legislator.

Twitter Storm Tweets for Tuesday, January 28th @ 9pm Eastern

Tweets for the special State of the Union Twitter Storm will be posted on January 28th at 8pm EST. Check back for the new Tweets.

Find Your Member of Congress

Click here to quickly find your member of Congress by putting in your home address. This site also features a one-click link to the same information in Spanish


Then call and ask them to oppose Fast Track on the Trans Pacific Partnership.

Sample script is below.


“I'm a constituent, and I am strongly opposed to my representative giving away Congress’ constitutional authority to control our trade policy. We send people to Congress to stand up for us, not give away their power to stop more American job offshoring and protect us from dangerous imported food that doesn’t meet our safety standards. This latest so-called trade deal, the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), would not only do that - but also ban Buy American and increase our medicine prices. That’s why it’s crucial that Congress not give away its authority to make sure every provision of TPP is in our interest before this massive deal can be signed. Good trade deals don’t need to be railroaded through Congress using Fast Track. I hope my representative will commit to opposing this outrageous legislation.”

Email Your Senators and Rep - Say No On Fast Track and TPP

Send an email directly to your Senators and Representatives courtesy of our partners at CWA. Enter your zip code and your members are automatically selected.


Sign the ERA Petition


On Friday, September 12th more than 150 activists will go to DC and Demand that their Senators and Representatives support removing the ratification deadline from the ERA (SJ Res 15 and HJ Res 113)


Sign the Petition - Sen. Sanders Run as a Democrat in 2016


Lori Wallach on the TPP from PDA Progressive Roundtable

Progressive Roundtable with Reps. Ellison and Pocan and Lori Wallach on TPP

TPP: The Biggest Threat to the Internet You've Probably Never Heard Of

Flush the TPP

Congress only has one more week in session this year, the week of December 9. So far our pressure to stop the TPP has been working. Visit Flush the TPP for calling scripts and links to Members of the Ways and Means Committee.

Flush the TPP