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Newsmakers with Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ)

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Our guest on Newsmakers was Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus. He gives the House Progressives’ perspective on what’s next for deficit reduction, federal spending and legislative priorities overall, after the deficit "Super Committee" failed to come to an agreement. The Progressive Caucus said this week it will present its own plan for deficit reduction and jobs.


During his interview, Rep. Grijalva said that the Progressive Caucus plan would save $5.7 trillion over the next 10 years, and that the bill must take an active role in generating jobs. Some of the elements of this plan would include a millionaire's tax, emergency jobs to restore America, an infrastructure bank, a Buy America First provision, currency bills, a speculation tax, and a veterans' bill. He also discussed protecting Medicare and Medicaid by letting Medicare negotiate drug prices, and protecting Social Security by lifting the payroll cap of $106,000 per year. Rep. Grijalva noted that these savings were independent of any expiration of the Bush tax cuts that currently are set to lapse at the end of next year, which could generate an additional savings of $3.7 trillion.

When asked by reporters to give President Obama a grade for his first three years, Rep. Grijalva said that he gave the president a "passing grade," explaining further that he considers that to be around a B- or C. On immigration, however, he gave President Obama a "low grade" of a D, citing a lack of push on comprehensive immigration reform that has led to various state laws being passed, but that he applauds the recent pragmatic direction the president has taken.

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Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track - Where Does Your Legislator Stand

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Green = Most Legislators Oppose Fast Track, Yellow = Some Opposition, Orange = Oppose TPP, Gray = Unknown
DeLauro 13 - Signed 2013 DeLauro/Miller letter
Pocan - Signed Freshman Letter Opposing Fast Track
W/M - Signed Ways and Means Letter opposing TPP
Gibson - Signed Rep. Chris Gibson letter opposing TPP
SOPA - Oppose Stop Online Piracy Act - voted against
Currency - Oppose Currency Manipulation (Signed Michaud Letter)
Textile - Oppose changes to "First Yarn" (Signed Textile Industry Letter)

PDA In Your State

Join "Countdown to Coverage" Share TPP with your Daily Newspaper

CWA devised a simple plan for which they were uniquely suited: drag TPP out of the shadows and into the light - one city at a time - using a medium they understand intimately: Daily Newspapers!

Two CWA members - Dave Felice in Denver, CO and Madelyn Elder in Portland, OR have started the ball rolling. We just need to keep up the momentum leading up to a big day of petition deliveries in January.


Step 1 is to send an Op-Ed to your Daily Newspaper.

Sign the Petition - Sen. Sanders Run as a Democrat in 2016


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Hand Deliver a Letter to your Senators or Representative on the TPP

If your Senator(s) and/or Representative is not currently opposed to Fast Track, they may not completely understand all the implications. Nothing sends a stronger message to a Congressional member than a personal visit to a district office by a voter with a written request. Phone calls and emails are incredibly important but nothing gets attention like a personal visit. Our Educate Congress page has information and a sample letter. Print the letter, sign it, deliver it.


Lori Wallach on the TPP from PDA Progressive Roundtable

Progressive Roundtable with Reps. Ellison and Pocan and Lori Wallach on TPP

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