Norman Solomon Endorsed

In its first national endorsement for the 2012 Congressional elections, Progressive Democrats of America has endorsed Norman Solomon--long-time friend and former Advisory Board member of PDA--for Congress in California's CD 2.

For decades Norman has shown us that he won't back down. From visiting Baghdad on the eve of the U.S. invasion of Iraq nine years ago, to standing in solidarity with the 23,000 California nurses striking for patients' rights on Sept. 22nd, he exemplifies the kind of person we need in Congress now more than ever--a leader with principles, courage, and backbone.

Daniel Ellsberg, in his statement supporting Norman for Congress, said "In Congress, Norman will not be silent when Democratic leaders lose their way or their nerve. He'll be a strong, independent voice for economic justice, civil liberties and rigorous environmental protection--and a determined foe of the militarism that is depleting our society in countless ways."

Earlier in September, the Sonoma County chapter of PDA endorsed Norman, who expressed deep gratitude, calling it "a big boost for our grassroots campaign to ensure that this region continues to have strong progressive representation in Congress.... I feel honored by the county chapter's support, and I look forward to working together as our campaign keeps gaining momentum." Norman says he wouldn't be running for Congress were it not for Progressive Democrats of America, and he encourages everyone to join his campaign for jobs for America, healthcare and economic justice for all, and "an end to perpetual war."

Members of the Sonoma County PDA chapter, recognizing that he would be the candidate who could best continue the legacy of retiring Congresswoman (and PDA Advisory Board member) Lynn Woolsey, have been volunteering for Norman for more than four years as he prepared to launch his campaign and are very excited as the campaign enters the national arena for PDA.

Among his many strong progressive credentials, Norman is national co-chair of the Healthcare NOT Warfare campaign, and co-chair of the Commission on a Green New Deal for the North Bay. You can learn more about--and join!--his exciting grassroots campaign at

Read Norman's responses to the 2012 PDA Candidate Questionnaire below.

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