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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Responds to President's Blueprint for America

Written by  Rep. Barbara Lee

Washington, D.C.– Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) issued the following statement in response to the President’s State of the Union address:

“I applaud President Obama for putting forth a blueprint for an America that is built to last.  Americans are looking for a serious, long-term strategy that will revive the economy, put people to work, and assure a prosperous and healthy future for our children.  

“This is a make or break moment not just for the middle class but for the entire 99%, which includes our children, seniors, and the poor.  Our jobs crisis is a national emergency.  With nearly 50 million Americans living in poverty and the average length of unemployment continuing to rise, we must take bold action now.  I am glad that President Obama understands we must build a nation where everyone gets a fair shot at achieving their full potential – and we will not be able to achieve this goal without making the proper investments in infrastructure project, health care, education, and our environment.  We must end the war in Afghanistan, cut the bloated Pentagon budget, and invest in job creation.  It is time to put our weapons down and pick our people up.

“It is my hope that tomorrow Republican leaders in the House will act to address this crisis that they continue to ignore.  It is critical that we address the needs of the most vulnerable: the long-term unemployed, communities of color which experience higher rates of unemployment, youth, and veterans.  The truth is that job creators are people who go to work every day and participate in the economy.  Until Republicans wake up and work to create jobs, we must strengthen our safety net, extend unemployment benefits, and work to prevent families from falling into poverty – and reignite the American Dream for those who have. 

“We must speak to the moral and economic crisis of income inequality.  We cannot forget the long-term unemployed, the poor, our seniors, our students, and the working poor.  Everyone should have the opportunity to strive for the rewards and security of the American Dream.” 



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