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Senator Bernie Sanders, Democratic candidate for President of the United States

Written by PDA Staff

PDA is proud to endorse Bernie Sanders in his bid for the White House.  His positions on the issues that matter to PDA members are solid, and he has demonstrated throughout his public life and political career that he will take the difficult stands that most will not.  For details about his positions, visit his website.

In a Washington Post article published January 21, 2016, Metea Gold writes, "Tim Carpenter, then the group’s executive director, kept lobbying Sanders to consider a bid in 2016," according to Medea Benjamin, a peace activist who serves on the group’s advisory board.

“Tim and PDA were constantly pushing Bernie to run,” she said. “I remember it all very clearly, feeling his reluctance on the one hand but also a certain excitement on the other hand. I think he was always looking for someone else to do it, but the someone else wasn’t there.”

In the spring of 2014, Carpenter and PDA launched an online petition urging Sanders to make a White House run — specifically not as an independent, his mantle as a senator, but as a candidate for the Democratic nomination. He invited Sanders to deliver the keynote address at the group’s 10th-anniversary celebration in Northampton.

Carpenter died of cancer about two weeks before the gathering. But the group presented Sanders with the results of their petition drive: 11,000 signatures from people asking him to jump into the Democratic primary race.

Campaign: Primary
Opponent: Sec. Hillary Rodham Clinton

Endorsed Legislation - Economic and Social Justice

S 268   -  Rebuild America Act
S 731   -  Social Security Expansion Act
S 1373 -  College for All Act
S 1371 -  Inclusive Prosperity Act
S 1506 - Employ Young Americans Now Act
S 1631 - Keep Our Pension Promises Act
S 1832 - Pay Workers a Living Wage Act
S 2142 - Workplace Democracy Act

Endorsed Legislation - Stop Global Warming
S 1713 - Low Income Solar Act
S 2391 - American Clean Energy Investment Act of 2015
S 2399 - Climate Protection and Justice Act
S 2398 - Clean Energy Worker Just Transition Act

Endorsed Legislation - End Mass Criminalization
S 2054 - Justice is Not for Sale Act
S 2237 - Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2015

Endorsed Legislation - Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity
S 1969 - Democracy Day Act

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