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Nanette Barragan - US House (CA44)

Written by PDA Staff
PDA’s endorsement of Nanette comes in part because of her record of standing up to and defeating Big Oil and special corporate interests who did not have the greater good of her community at heart. She is dedicated to promoting fair labor practices, fighting for a better education system, and protecting Social Security. Visit Nanette Barragan's website.

Nanette Barragán believes that regardless of age, income, zip code, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, we all want the same things: We want the opportunity to find a good-paying job, access to great schools, and safe, healthy communities where you can raise a family.

As the youngest of eleven kids raised by parents who immigrated to this country from Mexico, she knows that you have to fight for those things.

Campaign: Primary (Open Seat)
Opponent: Isadore Hall III, D, Christopher Castillo, the only Republican in the race; Martha Delgadillo, a nutrition company manager; Morris Griffin, a county maintenance worker; Marcus Musante, a criminal defense attorney; business owner Sylvia Ortiz; and community volunteer Armando Sotomayor.

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