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O’ Brother — Dr. Ralph Stanley to stump for Powell

Written by  Jim Nolan | Richmond Times Dispatch

Running against incumbent Republican House Majority Leader Eric Cantor in Virginia’s GOP-heavy 7th District is enough to give any Democrat the blues. So Bluegrass legend Dr. Ralph Stanley will headline a two-day campaign swing for Powell next week.

The mini-tour is titled “O Cantor, Where Art Thou?” It’s a play on the Coen Brothers 2002 hit film “O’ Brother, Where Art Thou?” – which touched off a resurgence in the popularity of bluegrass and old timey music that won Stanley a Grammy award.

It is also an indirect shot at Cantor, whom Powell’s campaign has tried to paint as abandoning 7th District voters for big ticket donors in the energy and finance industries.

A Powell campaign release says the tour will focus on economic issues and make stops in Gordonsville, Ashland, Culpeper, Mineral, Goochland, and Glen Allen.

“Barnstorming is the ol’ timey way to take the campaign to the people,” Christian Rickers, Powell’s campaign manager, says in the release.

Dr. Stanley will be joined on the tour by his son, Grammy-nominated Ralph Stanley II, and grandson, recording artist Nathan Stanley.

Stanley is not the first celebrity to come to Powell’s assistance. Actress Madeleine Stowe, a friend of Powell campaign strategist Dave “Mudcat” Saunders, also helped raise money for Powel earlier this year in a fundraiser supporting women’s rights.

Powell and his team have waged a spirited campaign against Cantor, the six-term incumbent, charging the Henrico Republican is “for sale” to big dollar interests and blaming him for partisan gridlock in Washington. Cantor’s camp has countered with accusations that Powell would hike taxes across the board and questioned Powell’s his fitness for office. Both have run negative ads.

Now 87, Stanley lives in Coeburn. Back in 2008, Stanley supported President Barack Obama. The schedule for the tour is posted below.

October 23rd, 2012:

  • Gordonsville, VA: 7:00 PM – The Magnolia Farm, 17452 Lovers’ Ln.

October 24th 2012:

  • Ashland, VA: 8:30 AM – Ashland Coffee and Tea Company, 100 N. Railroad Ave.  Hot breakfast provided.
  • Culpeper, VA: 12:00 PM - The Depot, 109 Commerce St.  Hamburgers and hot dogs provided.
  • Mineral, VA: 2:00 PM – Walton Park on E. 5th St.
  • Goochland, VA: 4:00 PM – White Hawk Music Cafe, 1940 Sandy Hook Rd.  
  • Glen Allen, VA: 7:00 PM – Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen 2880 Mountain Rd., Concert 

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