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Rep. Jim McGovern (MA02) - PDA Advisory Board Member

Written by PDA Staff

Rep. Jim McGovern is a member of the PDA Advisory Board.  Congressman McGovern brings progressive energy, passion and compassion to PDA and also to his own work representing us in the United States Congress.  Rep. McGovern is co-Chair of the House Hunger Caucus, Caucus for Competitiveness in Entertainment Technology (E-Tech and the Home Health Caucus. He is a champion on the overturning Citizens United and getting money out of politics and protecting SNAP (food stamp) benefits. Rep. McGovern was Tim Carpenter's Member of Congress.

Since his election in 1996, Congressman Jim McGovern has been widely recognized as a tenacious advocate for his district, a tireless crusader for change, and an unrivaled supporter for social justice and fundamental human rights.

Currently serving his tenth term in Congress, McGovern serves as the second ranking Democrat on the powerful House Rules Committee, which sets the terms for debate and amendments on most legislation; and a member of the House Agriculture Committee. In 2014, McGovern was named Democratic Ranking Member on the House Committee on Agriculture’s Subcommittee on Nutrition. The Subcommittee’s jurisdiction includes policies and statutes relating to nutrition, including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program and domestic commodity distribution and consumer initiatives. McGovern is also co-chair of both the Tom Lantos Human Rights Commission. Click here for a full caucus membership list.

Campaign: General

Rep. McGovern has introduced the following legislation that has been endorsed by the End Corporate Rule Team
HJ Res 23 - Constitutional Amendment stating Corporations are NOT People

Rep. McGovern has been a frequent guest at the Progressive Round Table

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