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Rep. Rick Nolan (MN08) Champion of the House

Written by PDA Staff

U.S. Congressional members who have introduced legislation that we support and/or have been a key member of the Progressive Roundtable have also earned our endorsement.

Returning to Congress in 2013 after more than 32 years in domestic and international business and community work and starting his second term in 2015 after reelection, Congressman Rick Nolan represents Minnesota’s sprawling 8th District – 18 counties that run from the top of the state’s Duluth/Lake Superior Arrowhead region, through some of the nation’s richest mining, timber, lakes and tourist country, to the fast-growing northern suburbs of Minneapolis-St. Paul.

He was recently named one of the top ten most effective Members of Congress in a study by the University of Virginia and Vanderbilt University. He was also singled out by TIME magazine for his leadership in keeping America out of war with Syria. His leadership across the board has earned him praise from various Labor, business and consumer groups throughout the nation.

Campaign: General

Rep. Nolan has introduced the following legislation that has been endorsed by the End Corporate Rule Team
HJ Res 48 - Constitutional Amendment Money is not Speech; Corporations are Not People (Move to Amend amendment)


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