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Ron Varasteh - US House (CA45)

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PDA is pleased to endorse Ron Varasteh running against Rep. Dana Rohrbacher. Ron's platform includes strengthening and expanding Social Security, opposition to the Trans Pacific Partnership and strong support for protecting the environment.

Ron is a scientist and an engineer by education, a small business owner for the last 25+ years, a 30+ years resident of Orange County, and an activist for causes pertaining to improved quality of life for all citizens of our great country. I believe in an effective and efficient Government, focused on issues of the “common good” that can only be addressed through an honest democratic process by citizen legislators, representing “WE the People” – not by career politicians representing narrow special interests. I believe in the free market system, but not in crony capitalism which privatizes profits and socializes losses. I believe in a free market system with adequate safeguards for consumers and protection of our environment. I believe in a free market system with a level playing field between capital and labor, one that provides safe working conditions and living wages not subject to threats of “outsourcing”. I am running to be your next Congressman.

Campaign: General
Opponent:  Rep. Dana Rohrbacher

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