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Friday, 16 December 2011 00:11

Hayden to Lead PDA Strategy on Ending Wars

Written by  Tim Carpenter | PDA National Director

As we try to end the grinding wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan, Tom Hayden will be joining PDA as the lead person providing analysis and suggestions to the PDA network across America.

Tom sees PDA as a unique organizational network, on the front lines of opposing the wars while at the same time promoting progressive Democrats and stopping the Republican machine now led by the One Eyed Newt.

This Friday, December 16, Tom will be PDA’s special representative as local anti-war activists in Chicago commemorate the place where Barack Obama accepted their invitation to speak against the Iraq War a decade ago. It is crucial that we appreciate and recognize the many steps along this historical path.

Tom will continue to direct the Peace and Justice Resource Center in Culver City, CA, where he publishes the biweekly Peace Exchange Bulletin. He continues to research, write, teach and advocate on several other issues, and will be involved in this year’s 50th anniversary of the Port Huron Statement with its call for participatory democracy.

Tom’s focus for PDA will be to concentrate on helping end the wars. PDA has plenty of excellent resource people to draw on for other critical issues like the military budget, global warming and health care.

Tom is looking forward to identifying PDA leaders who want to work primarily on ending these wars through creating anti-war coalitions at local congressional levels and in political swing states. Regular email contact and conference calls are planned. Tom is available to speak, too, as he has in more than 50 communities in recent years. Advocacy trips to DC will be scheduled, in coordination with persistent agitation in congressional districts.

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