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Sunday, 04 May 2014 01:21

Tim Carpenter: A Fighter for Justice

Written by  Rep. Jan Schakowsky

I want to join today with so many who are remembering the life of Tim Carpenter, a life-long advocate for social, economic and environmental justice.

Tim was a believer and an activist.  He believed that we could create a world where every person has the right to quality health care, to a clean environment, to a good job, and to peace.  And he knew the only way to achieve that just society is to empower people to take action. 

Tim’s activism took many forms.  As co-founder of Progressive Democrats of America, he helped design and implement an “inside-outside” strategy that allowed people around the country to advocate with their elected officials and gave members of Congress real insight into the daily challenges facing our constituents.  He didn’t just talk about problems, he pushed for solutions – expanding voting rights, winning health care for all, and investing in people. 

Tim made the most of his too-short life.  There wasn’t a progressive fight where you couldn’t find Tim – strategizing, organizing, and mentoring new recruits to the cause.  Tim was tough as nails when it came to pushing for results, but he was also a gentle and kind soul who connected personally to each person he met.

Tim will be greatly missed, but he has left us a powerful legacy by teaching us never to stop pushing our progressive principles through practical and effective organizing. 

I offer my deep condolences to Tim’s family, friends and fellow organizers.

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