Issues and Campaigns

  • PDA 2014 Progressive Slate

    PDA 2014 Progressive Slate

    Every Federal election cycle P

  • Equal Rights Amendment

    Equal Rights Amendment

    The ERA 3 State Strategy Issue

  • End Corporate Rule

    End Corporate Rule

    Time and again, whether we are

  • End Wars and Occupations

    End Wars and Occupations

    Since 2001, terrorism and inst

  • Stop Global Warming

    Stop Global Warming

    No issue reveals more clearly

  • Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

    Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

    The U.S. election system is in

  • End Mass Criminalization

    End Mass Criminalization

    The United States houses 25% o

  • Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track

    Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track

    President Obama has asked Cong

Stop Global Warming

Healthcare Human Right

End Corporate Rule

End Wars and Occupations

Equal Rights Amendment (3 State)

Economic and Social Justice

End Mass Criminalization

Stop Bad Free Trade Deals

Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

Michigan Federal Legislators

16 Legislators / 5 Sponsors = 31% Support

ERA 3 State Legislation (SJ Res 15/HJ Res 113)
Alice Paul Congressional Gold Medal (S 457/HR 874)


 Name Sponsor CPC Black Hispanic Asia/Pac  Twitter
 Carl Levin (D)  SJ Res 15          @SenCarlLevin
 Debbie Stabenow (D)  SJ Res 15
 S 457
 Justin Amash (R-03)            @repjustinamash
 Dan Benishek (R-01)            @CongressmanDan
 Kerry Bentivolio (R-11)            @RepKerryB
 Dave Camp (R-04)            @RepDaveCamp
 John Conyers (D-13) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
Yes Yes   Yes  @repjohnconyers
 John Dingell (D-12)  HJ Res 113          @john_dingell
 Bill Huizenga (R-02)            @RepHuizenga
 Daniel Kildee (D-05)  HJ Res 113          @RepDanKildee
 Sander Levin (D-09) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
 HR 874
 Candice Miller (R-10)            @CandiceMiller
 Gary Peters (D-14) HJ Res 113
HJ Res 43
 Mike Rogers (R-08)            @RepMikeRogers
 Fred Upton (R-06)            @RepFredUpton
 Tim Walberg (R-07)            @RepWalberg

Featured News

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    New law meant to combat fraud forces Eric Kennie to either change his identity or be unable to overcome burdens Read More
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