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 Daniel Coats (R)  @SenDanCoats
 Joe Donnelly (D)  @SenDonnelly
 Susan Brooks (R-05)  @SusanWBrooks
 Larry Bucshon (R-08)  @RepLarryBucshon
 Andre Carson (D-07) Yes Yes  @RepAndreCarson
 Luke Messer (R-06)  @RepLukeMesser
 Todd Rokita (R-04)   @ToddRokita
 Marlin Stutzman (R-03)  @RepStutzman
 Peter Visclosky (R-01)  @RepVisclosky
 Jackie Walorski (R-02)  @RepWalorski
 Todd Young (R-09)  @RepToddYoung

IN Medicaid Expansion Articles

Medicaid Expansion Articles

Healthcare for All Activity

Deep Blue -- Legislation introduced and/or passed. Active single-payer movement.**
Moderate Blue
- No legislation. Highly active s-p movement.
Light Blue -- No legislation. Growing s-p movement.
Pale Blue -- No legislation. Opportunity to grow movement.
**CA most active state movement. Legislation pending strategic decision.
Red Refused Medicaid Expansion
Green Expanding Medicaid - opportunity for S-P movement growth

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Dr. Bill on Medicare for All

Keith Ellison: Single Payer and Expanding Social Security

Bernie Sanders at the National Nurses Rally

Medicaid in Indiana

State and federal officials in September 2013 finalized a deal for a one-year extension to the Healthy Indiana pilot program (HIP), which serves low-income residents who do not qualify for Medicaid, resembles a health savings account but does not satisfy the benefit requirements in the ACA. Enrollment in HIP is limited 45,000 individuals. Gov. Mike Pence (R) is opposed to Medicaid expansion and has repeatedly said that any future expansion of Medicaid would only be through a plan that resembles HIP that require participants to have “skin in the game.” Governor Pence met with Secretary Sebelius to discuss using HIP and it has been reported that the state will submit a wavier to CMS by June calling for the expanded use of HIP.

Governor: Mike Pence (R) Opposes except through HIP
State Senate: Republican
State House: Republican

State legislature gave Governor authority to decide

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