HHR HHR - South Carolina

HHR - South Carolina

South Carolina Federal Legislators

9 Legislators


 Name Stance CPC Black Hispanic Asia/Pac  Twitter
 Lindsey Graham (R)  @LindseyGrahamSC
 Tim Scott (R)  @SenatorTimScott
 Jim Clyburn (D-06) Yes  @Clyburn
 Jeff Duncan (R-03)  @RepJeffDuncan
 Trey Gowdy (R-04)  @TGowdySC
 Mick Mulvaney (R-05)  @RepMickMulvaney
 Tom Rice (R-07)  @RepTomRice
 Mark Sanford (R-01)
 Joe Wilson (R-02)  @CongJoeWilson

Medicaid Expansion Articles

SC Medicaid Expansion Articles

  • The High Cost of Saying No
    The High Cost of Saying No Up to eight rural hospitals across the Palmetto State are threatened with closure or outside takeover because the state is not accepting billions of federal dollars to expand Medicaid to…
  • SC is paying a heavy price for rejection of Medicaid expansion
    SC is paying a heavy price for rejection of Medicaid expansion Sadly, opponents of Medicaid expansion are touting South Carolina’s refusal to use federal funds to provide health coverage to more than 300,000 South Carolinians, including nearly 7,800 in Florence County.…
  • S.C. Progressives Turn Their Eyes to Fall Election
    The South Carolina Progressive Network — a driving force behind this year’s Truthful Tuesday protests, which called for the expansion of Medicaid under Obamacare and led to 28 civil disobedience…
  • NAACP: Medicaid expansion should be moral issue
    NAACP: Medicaid expansion should be moral issue The fight to persuade South Carolina's lawmakers to expand Medicaid isn't over, according to a national NAACP executive who was in Aiken on Monday for a town-hall meeting and rally.

Healthcare for All Activity

Deep Blue -- Legislation introduced and/or passed. Active single-payer movement.**
Moderate Blue
- No legislation. Highly active s-p movement.
Light Blue -- No legislation. Growing s-p movement.
Pale Blue -- No legislation. Opportunity to grow movement.
**CA most active state movement. Legislation pending strategic decision.
Red Refused Medicaid Expansion
Green Expanding Medicaid - opportunity for S-P movement growth

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Dr. Bill on Medicare for All

Keith Ellison: Single Payer and Expanding Social Security

Bernie Sanders at the National Nurses Rally

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