HHR HHR - Wyoming

HHR - Wyoming

Wyoming Federal Legislators

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 Name Sponsor  Twitter
 John Barasso (R)  @SenJohnBarrasso
 Michael Enzi (R)  @SenatorEnzi
 Cynthia Lummis (R)  @CynthiaLummis

Medicaid Expansion Articles

WY Medicaid Expansion Articles

Healthcare for All Activity

Deep Blue -- Legislation introduced and/or passed. Active single-payer movement.**
Moderate Blue
- No legislation. Highly active s-p movement.
Light Blue -- No legislation. Growing s-p movement.
Pale Blue -- No legislation. Opportunity to grow movement.
**CA most active state movement. Legislation pending strategic decision.
Red Refused Medicaid Expansion
Green Expanding Medicaid - opportunity for S-P movement growth

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Dr. Bill on Medicare for All

Keith Ellison: Single Payer and Expanding Social Security

Bernie Sanders at the National Nurses Rally

Sign the Wyoming Medicaid Petition

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