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Congresswoman Barbara Lee Statement on the President’s Budget

Written by  Rep. Barbara Lee - CA 9th District

Lee Calls on Congress and the President to Invest in Job Creation, Decrease Wasteful Defense Spending

Congresswoman Barbara Lee (D-CA) released the following statement this morning regarding the President’s budget proposal for Fiscal Year 2013:

“Today, President Obama presented a budget to Congress that takes important steps to construct an economy that is built to last.  We must work to pass a budget and implement policies that will bring about a strong and sustainable recovery.  As this recovery takes root, Congress must focus on job creation as the best way to reduce the deficit and get the economy back on track.  The President’s proposal for an $8 billion Community Career College to Career Fund is a step in the right direction.  I worked with the President and his Administration to fund this program that would train two million workers for high-demand industries, provide valuable job training opportunities, and break down barriers for many who find the American Dream out of reach. 

“More than 400 days have gone by since House Republicans took the majority, and they still have not put forward a comprehensive jobs plan.  Americans across the country want to be able to get back to work to earn a fair living, yet our country continues to face a time of significant economic turmoil.  I am heartened to see that the President continues to protect the vast majority of critical human needs programs from drastic cuts. While I understand the need for deficit reduction, we should not balance the budget on the backs of the poor by slashing funding to important safety net programs.   We must continue to invest in the American people if we are to pass along our American values of economic mobility and shared prosperity to our children. 

“I am encouraged that the President took some modest steps to trim our defense spending and I am committed to working in a bipartisan way to cut wasteful and unnecessary spending in our defense budget.  As an appropriator, I will work to pass a budget that creates jobs, protects the environment, promotes healthy communities, invests in education for our children, and provides pathways out of poverty.  I will continue to fight any proposal that cuts funding for essential programs, safety net programs, or hurts the most vulnerable among us.” 

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