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TPP Media March Twitter Storm

Written by  Emilianne Slaydon

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Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch 'Trans-Pacific Partnership Puts Monsanto in Charge of the Food Supply for 12 Nations, TAKE ACTION! #TPPToxicFood


The Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP was written largely by #Monsanto, involving 793m consumers & 40% World's GDP! #TPPToxicFood


How close is Monsanto to global food domination? Just a #TPP away. TAKE ACTION! #TPPToxicFood


Read how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will hurt our #EatLocal farmers & humanely-raised @OWSTradeJustice 


#TPP = imported/unlabeled poultry/seafood that don't meet US food safety standards produced by wrkrs @.28hr & 2days off in 30 #TPPToxicFood


Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP is negotiated of, by, and for #Monsanto #Syngenta #Cargill #Dupont - NOT for #FoodSafety #TPPToxicFood


#Monsanto plans to control the world's food supply w #GMO in #TPP@GMOFreeUSA's 6min video shows how #TPPToxicFood


How the Trans-Pacific Partnership would impact food safety: #TPPToxicFood #TPP @ExposeTPP 


#TPP = GOODBYE organic farms #HumanelyRaised. HELLO! CAFO hog lagoons #AntibioticResistant drinking H20 #TPPToxicFood


Stop the Nat'l Pork Producers Council from attacking animal welfare! #TPPToxicFood #TTIP #TPP @OWSTradeJustice


#TPP INCREASES glyphosate "DDT's a pittance toxicity wise compared to glyphosate"-Dr. D.Huber/Purdue U #TPPToxicFood


#SaveTheBees!! Trans-Pacific Partnership INCREASES systemic pesticide use to grow MORE #GMO corn! #TPPToxicFood


Russia says NO to GMOs, we can too if we #TPPToxicFood 


Even China destroys GMO crops! Yet #TPP forces unprecedented acreage of Monsanto farming on the U.S. #TPPToxicFood 


#TPP threatens food sovereignty, countries can't maintain food safety regs. Hello! #AntibioticResistance Goodbye! #EatLocal #TPPToxicFood


#TPP lets the U.S. accept Vietnam’s food safety stds as = to ours; their wrkrs earn $.28hr & 2 days off each month!  #TPPToxicFood


The Trans-Pacific Partnership threatens food safety Country Of Origin/GMO labels are "trade barriers" #TPPToxicFood


Pesticides causing bee die-offs DON'T INCREASE YIELDS for farmers, but use will only INCREASE w #TPP #TPPToxicFood


Stop eating GMOs & don't swallow the #TPP#CorporateNationhood is dangerous to your health! #MonsantoSucks #DieMonsantoDie #TPPToxicFood


#TPP = foreign investors sue w 3 private sector WorldBank/UN lawyers; demand TAXPAYER comp for lost $$$ #TPPToxicFood


Russia & Cuba farm organic; IMAGINE if USA didn't have Monsanto/gov't regulators forcing #GMOs & #TPP #TPPToxicfood


Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP = reversal of consumer rights&local environmntl laws #CorporateNationhood w Monsanto as Emperor of 12 Nations


There's too much corporate interest for #TPPFastTrack to go away, so Act Now! B4 Obama's final push! #TPPToxicFood


Got cancer? Better hope no; #TPP puts #BigPharma monopolies on already too $$$ drugs: #TPPToxicfood @RepRaulGrijalva


Monsanto's trying to make #GMO the new #MadeInAmerica #TPPToxicFood


Stand Up for #JacksonCounty bullies for GMO seed trials/compromises acres of organic farms #TPPToxicFood


FACT: organic farming feeds the world bc the soil absorbs rainwater/aids plants to survive drought #TPPToxicfood 


Tell Congress NO! @RepMikePompeo's #DarkAct would put a BAN on mandatory #GMO labeling! #TPPToxicFood


#FoodSafety, pesticide levels, #GMOLabeling challenged w #TPP Investor-State Dispute Settlement #ISDS #TPPToxicFood


#TPP puts #Monsanto in charge of the food supply for 12 nations!! WAKE UP!! #TPPToxicFood


Educate Congress about the #TPP@pdamerica has 200+ Letter Drops nationwide to get ur ltr to Capitol Hill FAST!


The Trans-Pacfic Partnership means an EXPLOSION of #fracking for #TPP partner Japan! @sierraclub #TPPToxicFood


$$ talks but #WeThePeople CAN overcome even the billions of the 1%. Call ur Reps #TPPToxicFood 


'Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.'-JohnAdams So #WakeUP #RiseUP, share #TPP links & STORM w @TPPMediaMarch EVERY Tues! #TPPToxicFood

Former EPA official admits there are multiple problems with #GMOs #TPPToxicFood #TPP

Tweets from April 8th
Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch Storm “@ABCWorldNews Blacks Out the Trans-Pacific Partnership, tell @DianeSawyer @WilliamsJon #CoverTPP” JOIN US!
The Trans-Pacific Partnership expands corporate power & undermines U.S. sovereignty, #CoverTPP news, @ABCWorldNews!
USA @Teamsters want #FairTrade NOT #TPP trade! ENOUGH shipping our jobs overseas! #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews @CWAUnion
Connect the #TPP dots: Trans-Pacific Partnership trade animals are ALL fed by #Monsanto! #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Grasslands/wetlands destroyed to make way for unsustainable biotech crops at levels not seen since the 1930s #TPP
Learn how the Trans-Pacific Partnership will end #BuyLocal & #BuyAmerica. #CoverTPP news, @ABCWorldNews!
.@CNN did #CoverTPP w misleading proTPP 'facts' & not on TV, but it's more than @ABCWorldNews! @KevinBohnCNN @CNNjoe
Call ur Rep 2dy & DEMAND they OPPOSE #TPPFastTrack! Script of what to say here: #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews @PCGTW
Connect the #TPP dots: #BigPharma spends more lobbying than #Monsanto, but meds contain GMOs! #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Trans-Pacific Partnership = Modern Day Slavery; American wrkrs compete w Vietnam @.28hr min wage. Is this not NEWS @ABCWorldNews? #CoverTPP
Tell Obama to stop bullying Congress, don't let Congress #TPPFastTrack #ObamaTrade! #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews @PCGTW
#TPP offshores US jobs, lowers our standard of living & creates security vulnerabilities #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
US wrkrs compete w #TPP partner Vietnam/WORSE than China. Independent labor unions are illegal/min wage $.28hr #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Connect the #TPP dots: #Monsanto kills @Teamsters manufacturing jobs bc #GMO is the NEW #MadeinAmerica for EXP! #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
The Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP ends #BuyLocal & ur family’s efforts to live sustainably #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Nobel Prize @JosephEStiglitz "#TPP benefits wealthiest sliver of American&global elite at expense of everyone else” #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
NEW! @TheOpenMedia article tells us how the Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP hurts 99%: #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews 
#TPP = lower standard of living in USA so multi-nat'l corporations can make record profits #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
#TPP = Internet Service Providers police YOUR user activity, take down content/cut YOU off #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Americans lost 1m jobs w #NAFTA; the Trans-Pacific Partnership offshores even more. @PCGTW #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
This is how YOU stop Trans-Pacific Partnership #InternetCensorship: @TheOpenMedia #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews @CNNjoe 
Trade Promotion Authority #TPPFastTrack is out of sync w the party's priorities/@keithellison #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Write an OpEd about how the Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP reverses local #fracking laws! #CoverTPP @pdamerica
Greed & power-hungry corporations are destroying the United States: @EconomyInCrisis #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
Connect the #TPP dots: the Trans-Pacific Partnership makes #Monsanto the most powerful corporation on the planet! #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews
How can WE share links & #CoverTPP? Go to @ABCWorldNews @wolfblitzer @mitchellreports; Pick a tweet; Click 'Reply' & TWEET #TPP!
The most important #TPP link you can share right now is #CoverTPP
Thank u for @TPPMediaMarch Storming 2nite! Click here to #TPP tweet EVERY Tues 4/15 "TPP, Our Food & Monsanto.



Previous Tweets from 4/1/2014


Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch Storm “Become the Media!" Tell @wolfblitzer @KevinBohnCNN @mitchellreports @ABCWorldNews to #CoverTPP!” JOIN US!!




If the American broadcast media blacks out #TPP, it's OUR responsibility to BECOME the MEDIA! Share links #CoverTPP




.@wolfblitzer is out of touch with world news, #CoverTPP! 




Americans struggling to keep their jobs from going to #Vietnam at $.28hr can't afford the #AmericanDream. @ABCWorldNews #CoverTPP




It's not Mexico vs USA vs Korea vs Vietnam, it's multinational corporations & #Monsanto against everyone! @mitchellreports #CoverTPP




Obama & @USTradeRep say #TPP's a job creation program, but the jobs are all in #Vietnam. @Teamsters @AFLCIO #CoverTPP @mitchellreports




Obama & @USTradeRep say Trans-Pacific Partnership benefits Americans, but it's American #Monsanto #CoverTPP




Allowing foreign co.s the same oppt'y as U.S. wd be disastrous for small biz @repmarkpocan #truthintrade #CoverTPP




#FreeTrade FAILS. #NAFTA impoverished wrkrs in both US & abroad, benefitting $$$ corporations @AlanGrayson #CoverTPP




'Become the #TPP Media!' Write an OpEd & mention how TPP will reverse local #fracking laws! #CoverTPP @pdamerica 




What wd happen if @wolfblitzer gave #370 a rest & reported Trans-Pacific Partnership? @KevinBohnCNN @sarasidnerCNN 




Obama/@USTradeRep say #TPP advisors are @Teamsters & Health/Envirnmnt! BUT 90% are US trade officials #CoverTPP 




Obama/@USTradeRep say #FastTrack gives Congress negotiating power! BUT Obama can sign TPP pact w/o Cong #CoverTPP




What have we learned from #NAFTAat20? Not 2 let big corporations control trade policy #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews




#NAFTAat20 shows that Mexico didn’t take US jobs, multi-nat'l corporations did. #1u #CoverTPP @mitchellreports 




Obama/@USTradeRep say We take #CurrencyManipulation seriously! BUT negotiators haven't initiated talks. #CoverTPP




Obama/@USTradeRep say #TPP supports min wage w no forced child labor! BUT partnr Vietnam bans unions #CoverTPP




#NAFTAat20 proves that @USTradeRep & Obama must do better for American Families. #CoverTPP @DianeSawyer




The #TPP will increase the US trade deficit with Vietnam causing massive US job loss. @wolfblitzer @KevinBohnCNN




.@USDOL named US #TPP partner Vietnam 1of7 countries that produces w forced child labor #CoverTPP @mitchellreports 




Obama/@USTradeRep say TPP's GOOD for environmnt! BUT #InvestorState sues local gov'ts when impede $$ #CoverTPP




Obama/@USTradeRep say Congress can read #TPP! BUT forbids taking notes/copying, shuts out #WeThePeople #CoverTPP




.@BarackObama, #WeThePeople demand u open the Trans-Pacific Partnership to the public, stop the secrecy! #CoverTPP




Obama/@USTradeRep say 'US EXP >50% BUT EXP grew 0% '13 & 2% '12 w the current FreeTrade model. #CoverTPP 




How do WE #CoverTPP? Go to @ABCWorldNews @wolfblitzer @mitchellreports; Pick a tweet; Click 'Reply' & SHARE TPP Talk/Links!




Obama/@USTradeRep say 'TPP=affordable meds' BUT it gives #BigPharma patent protections & restricts generics #CoverTPP




Obama/@USTradeRep say #TPP = $$ for US manufacturing BUT offshoring jobs #Vietnam = US competes at $.28hr #CoverTPP




Obama/@USTradeRep say #TPP's not #SOPA! BUT U.S. won't agree 2 limit internet service providers’ liability #CoverTPP




BECOME the MEDIA! Reply to tweets @ABCWorldNews @mitchellreports @wolfblitzer @KevinBohnCNN w TPP links: #CoverTPP




Thank u(!!) for @TPPMediaMarch Storming with us! NEW #TPP tweets EVERY Tues 9pEST, RIGHT HERE: JOIN US!!


Previous Tweets from 3/25/2014


Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch “There's A News Black Out On The Trans-Pacific Partnership, Tell The Broadcast Media To #CoverTPP", JOIN US!!


.@ABC ParentCo @Disney secretly lobbies for #TPP; @ABCWorldNews BlacksOut TPP; @BenSherwoodABC promoted to Disney Top Exec #CoverTPP


Take #TPP LIVE 1) Click @ABCWorldNews @wolfblitzer @mitchellreports; 2) pick a tweet; 3) Click 'Reply' to TPP Talk & share links! #CoverTPP


This is @ABCWorldNews’ idea of news: French balloon stunt. Instead of reporting on the biggest jobs/wage story in a generation. #CoverTPP


How corrupt is Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership? Ck out this @EconomyInCrisis video: @wikileaks #CoverTPP


TPP = Jobs! Wealth! WorldPeace! Reality Check: #TPP = Global Management by Corporations #CoverTPP @mitchellreports


Join @repmarkpocan's campaign to bring #TPP out of the shadows! 1x a day share #TruthInTrade tweets!


So what's the news re #TPP FastTrack? You'd never know if u watch @mitchellreports @wolfblitzer @ABCWorldNews report the 'news'. #CoverTPP


.@Disney secretly lobbies #TPP to secure extended lifetime+ copyrights on fairytales lifted from the public domain. #CoverTPP @ABCWorldNews


#TPP is news, @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews @NBCNews @mitchellnews, #CoverTPP!


If the broadcast media won't cover #TPP, write a TPP OpEd - talking points here: #CoverTPP @pdamerica


29 Tech Firms write Sen @RonWyden to protect US innovation in #TPP #CoverTPP @mitchellreports


Why is a #SOPA lobbyist negotiating our trade deals? Tell Congress NO! 202 224-3121 #CoverTPP


Top 10 @USTradeRep & #ObamaTrade MYTHS: How the Trans-Pacific Partnership benefits Americans: #CoverTPP


'TPP=affordable meds'-@USTradeRep; BUT #TPP gives #BigPharma patent protections/restricts generics/raises$ #CoverTPP


'#TPP = $$$ for US manufacturing/#BigAg'-@USTradeRep BUT offshoring jobs means US wrkrs compete at $.28hr” #CoverTPP


'#TPP's not #SOPA' says @USTradeRep; yet US won't agree to limiting internet service providers’ liability. #CoverTPP


'#TPP advisors are @Teamsters; Health & Environment'-@USTradeRep; BUT 90% are official US trade advisors #CoverTPP


'#FastTrack gives Congress negotiating power'-@USTradeRep BUT Obama can sign pact locking in terms w/o Cong #CoverTPP


'We take #CurrencyManipulation seriously'-@USTradeRep yet #TPP negotiators haven't initiated negotiations. #CoverTPP


'#TPP supports min wage w no forced child labor'-@USTradeRep yet TPP partnr Vietnam bans independent unions #CoverTPP


'TPP enforces environmntl laws'@USTradeRep yet TPP's #InvestorState provisions sue local gov'ts if impede $ #CoverTPP


'Congress can read #TPP'-@USTradeRep yet forbids taking notes or copying, while #WeThePeople are shut out #CoverTPP


'US EXP >50%'-@USTradeRep yet EXP grew 0% '13 & 2% '12 w the current FreeTrade model. #CoverTPP @mitchellreports


FreeTrade = #LowWages & #OutsourcedGoods. End Trans-Pacific Partnership & keep #AmericanJobs in the United States. #CoverTPP @wolfblitzer


Tell Congress 202 224-3121 "Put people & #AmericanJobs b4 corporations! @ABCWorldNews @mitchellreports #CoverTPP


Ck out @fairworldprj's new video: How #TPP hurts family farmers/wrkrs. #FairTrade NOT #FreeTrade #CoverTPP


Tell Congress: End Trans-Pacific Partnership; stop outsourcing; & create #AmericanJobs! @wolfblitzer #CoverTPP


Got #TPP? (A Global Corporate Coup affecting the lives of 793m consumers) #CoverTPP @mitchellreports @WilliamsJon @ABCWorldNews @wolfblitzer


HOMEWORK: 2xday 'REPLY' to tweets on @ABCWorldNews @mitchellreports @wolfblitzer @NBCNews w TPP links: #CoverTPP 


Thank u(!!) for @TPPMediaMarch Storming 2nite! NEW #TPP tweets EVERY Tues 9pEST, RIGHT HERE: JOIN US!!


 Previous Tweets March 18th


Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch “Have YOU Heard of the #TPP 'Free Trade' Deal: 40% of World's GDP/793M Consumers?" #EndTheSilence JOIN US!


Never heard of the #TPP, a free trade agreement affecting the lives of 793M consumers? Click-n-Learn: #EndTheSilence


This is why U need to know about the Trans-Pacific Partnership; ck out who benefits from Obama's #TPP #EndTheSilence


Dear @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews @NBCNews @mitchellnews: Report on the Trans-Pacific Partnership! #EndTheSilence


Think #SOPA’s dead? It's alive in the Trans-Pacific Partnership: #EndTheSilence @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews


The Trans-Pacific Partnership is a case study in political corruption, @wolfblitzer #EndTheSilence @EconomyInCrisis


Dear @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews @NBCNews @mitchellnews: isn't it NEWS that the #TPP affects 793M consumers? #EndTheSilence


Did u know @ABCWorldNews has covered the most significant free trade agreement in a generation ZEROx? #EndTheSilence


The @HuffingtonPost covers TPP, @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews @NBCNews @mitchellnews, #EndTheSilence!


How the Trans-Pacific Partnership will hurt us, @NBCNews @mitchellnews: #EndTheSilence @EconomyInCrisis


Read the lies the @USTR's spreading about #TPPFastTrack to ram TPP thru Congress: #EndTheSilence @techdirt


FACT: The #TPP off shores jobs & free trade agreements are full of broken promises: #EndTheSilence @CWAUnion


The Trans-Pacific Partnership = $.28hr modern-day slavery for 99%; read & share: #TPP #EndTheSilence @truthout


Our gov't is so desperate to pass #TPPFastTrack that Senators are perjuring themselves: #EndTheSilence @tomdaschle


Get these HouseReps to #VoteNoTPPFastTrack! Visit them in person when they're on recess March 17-21. #EndTheSilence


Learning about the Trans-Pacific Partnership causes the eyes to glaze over, but this makes it easy: #EndTheSilence


Mainstream media won't cover #TPP, so write a TPP OpEd; How To w/ Talking Points here: #EndTheSilence @pdamerica


Once a day why not 'REPLY' to a @ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer @NBCNews tweet w TPPTalk? #EndTheSilence


Via @repmarkpocan: Poorly-crafted trade deals make it easy for BigTobacco to promote cigs 2 kids #TPP #EndTheSilence


The Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement = GROSS mismanagement of globalization: #EndTheSilence


Stop bad #TPP trade; instead balance trade based on global labor rights & #HumanelyRaised #EatLocal #EndTheSilence


The Trans-Pacific Partnership gives MORE $$$wealth to the 1%, wake-UP America! #EndTheSilence 


Tell the Senate: Don't Let a #SOPA lobbyist negotiate our trade deals! #EndTheSilence #TPP


Got a short attention span? This #TPP YouTube's for YOU: easy-to-understand & fast-moving, #EndTheSilence!


Educate Congress about the Trans-Pacific Partnership while they're home this week: #EndTheSilence @pdamerica


Trade shd benefit American producers/workers. Congress should NOT reauthorize Fast Track Authority-@louiseslaughter


If we all did this 2x a day, the #TPP would be covered by mainstream news: #EndTheSilence @vashondogboy @YourAnonNews


American resistance to the Trans-Pacific Partnership is growing, share what u learn & JOIN US! #EndTheSilence


Thank u(!!) for @TPPMediaMarch Storming 2nite! Join us EVERY Tues 9pmEST to share TPP news & info. links: Bring #TPP Out Of The Shadows!

Previous Tweets - March 11th

Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch "TPP: #EndTheSilence!"-- Tell @DianeSawyer@wolfblitzer@NBCNews "DO YOUR JOBS/Cover Trans-Pacific Partnership!”


Why are @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @NBCNews @mitchellnews hiding Trans-Pacific Partnership from us? #EndTheSilence


What wd happen if @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer @NBCNews reported #TPP news to Americans? They'd RISE UP & #EndTheSilence


Are u 'serious' news anchors: @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer & Brian Williams @NBCNews, or tabloid news hacks?? #EndTheSilence & report #TPP!


What can u do if @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer @NBCNews hide #TPP? Go to their Twitter profiles/click REPLY on a tweet&share TPP! #EndTheSilence


Reply to tweets @NBCNews: Comcast has 10+Lobbyists wkng secret Trans-Pacific Partnership, is this why u can't report TPP? #EndTheSilence

Tell mainstream media: It's Time To Expose the #TPP! Sign the petition, 142K sigs & counting! #EndTheSilence


Reply to tweets @mitchellreports: Comcast has 10+ Trans-Pacific Partnership Lobbyists, is this why @msnbc can't report TPP? #EndTheSilence  


Reply to tweets @wolfblitzer: @twxcorp has 4+ Trans-Pacific Partnership Lobbyists, is this why CNN can't report #TPP? #EndTheSilence 


Reply to tweets @gretawire: @21stCenturyF0X has 3 Trans-Pacific Partnership Lobbyists, is this why u can't report secret TPP? #EndTheSilence


Reply to tweets @DianeSawyer & @ABCWorldNews: @Disney has an UNDISCLOSED # of #TPP lobbyists, is this why u can't report TPP? #EndTheSilence


Reply to tweets @drsanjaygupta: The Trans-Pacific Partnership INCREASES med prices$$ #EndTheSilence @AARP @MFlowers8


Why's @Disney secretly lobbying to put America's families out of work? #TPP ships jobs to Vietnam @ $.28hr. #EndTheSilence @Teamsters


Why the #TPP's bad news for wrkrs & trade deficit: Do ur jobs, @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer @NBCNews, #EndTheSilence!


NYRep @louiseslaughter gives us & @Teamsters the FACTS! Why media hides #TPP, but secretly lobbies #EndTheSilence


If #TPP passes, the US wd lose 91,500 auto jobs to Japan & a reduction of 225,000 cars produced in US. #EndTheSilence


Ask CEO/Brian Roberts "Why does @comcast have 10+ Trans-Pacific Partnership Lobbyists, but not reporting TPP news?


Ask CEO/Bob Iger "Why's @Disney employing Trans-Pacific Partnership Lobbyists, but hiding TPP news from our families?


If #TPP passes, U.S. families lose 40,500 jobs to Vietnam, yet @Disney secretly hires TPP lobbyists? #EndTheSilence


Ask CEO/Robert Marcus "Why does @twxcorp have 4+ Trans-Pacific Partnership Lobbyists, but not let @CNN cover it?


What if @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer & Brian Williams @NBCNews collectively took a stand & REPORTED #TPP? Wd they ALL get fired? #EndTheSilence


What OTHER major news stories aren't corporate bought @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @NBCNews @mitchellnews reporting on?? #TPP #EndTheSilence


Dear @wolfblitzer @DianeSawyer @NBCNews @mitchellnews: Report Trans-Pacific Partnership news, affecting 793mil consumers! #EndTheSilence


Trans-Pacific Partnership, say whaaat?? Be an expert in 10 min & TPPTalk like the pros: #EndTheSilence


Mom, may I please have some more unlabeled & unsafe food from Vietnam?? (Said no child ever.) WakeUP America! #EndTheSilence re #TPP!


If u eat, drink H20, take meds, or use the internet, the Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP affects YOU! #EndTheSilence 


How'll we grow food if #TPP poisons our H20 w #fracking to satisfy Japan's desperate LNG needs? #EndTheSilence


Educate yourselves about the Trans-Pacific Partnership & share what u learn. Tweet it. NPR talk it. OpEd write it. #EndTheSilence


How to write a #TPP OpEd with talking points found here: @pdamerica 

If we ALL collectively, ONCE a day, 'replied' to a @DianeSawyer @wolfblitzer & @NBCNews tweet w TPP Talk, we'd #EndTheSilence re #TPP!


Thank u(!!) for @TPPMediaMarch Storming 2nite! Join us EVERY Tues to share TPP news & info. links. WakeUP America or TPP's Gonna Git You!


Previous Tweets - March 4th

Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch Storm: ‘@ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer #EndTheSilence, report on #TPP! JOIN US!! 

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, Trans-Pacific Partnership TPP KILLS JOBS #MadeInAmerica#EndTheSilence 

What kind of "SERIOUS NEWS" operation doesn’t cover the #TPP? Oh. @ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer #EndTheSilence  

How can @ABCWorldNews w @DianeSawyer air 'Made In America' but hide how TPP KILLS JOBS from viewers? #EndTheSilence 

.@washingtonpost covers #TPP while @ABC covers DancingWithStars & Mary-Kate Olsen's 'huge rock' #EndTheSilence

If @ABC @ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer reported on Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP, wouldn’t thousands of US jobs be saved? #EndTheSilence

Reported by @thehill but NOT @ABC: "@tomdaschle misconstrued NAFTA facts to sell TPPFastTrack" #EndTheSilence

Google Trans-Pacific Partnership @Disney; see how Hollywood's TPP taking away ur #InternetFreedom @fightfortheftr

Mainstream media @ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer REFUSE reporting on TPP re USA wrkrs/jobs/wages! #EndTheSilence 

Tell @ABC: Avg American's income has fallen as BOTH Dems/Republicans signed #FreeTrade deals for corp profits$$ #EndTheSilence @Teamsters 

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, why must the American ppl get their TPP news from @wikileaks? DO YOUR JOBS! #EndTheSilence on TPP!

Tell @ABC: "NAFTA #TPP aren't trade deals, but int'l corporation investment deals exploiting jobs/workers" -@keithellison #EndTheSilence

Why's @ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer keeping us in the dark re most significant free trade talks EVER? #EndtheSilence

Enough about #Oscars Pizza Guy & Ellen's most tweeted celeb photo! @ABC @ABCWorldNews @DianeSawyer, report: Why @Teamsters HATE TPP!

#TPP hinders economic oppt'y for Americans. NAFTA eliminated 845K US jobs. Is this NOT news?? @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews #EndTheSilence


"They got NAFTA, wrkrs got the SHAFTA"-J.Hoffa @Teamsters #EndTheSilence @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews 


Nothing says ‘Can't Be Made In America’ like Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP@ABC, where r u reporting on TPP/Jobs/Wages? #EndTheSilence

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, Made In America jobs happen IN AMERICA, not Vietnam! #EndTheSilence

Tell @ABC: Find out how NAFTA & #TPP 'free trade' agreements threaten employment around the world! #EndTheSilence 

Obama's Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP puts HARDWORKING PEOPLE out of work! Is this NOT news? @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews #EndTheSilence

GREAT(!) 7 min video tells how #TPP will hurt US jobs: @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews #EndTheSilence @OWSTradeJustice 

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, report on 40% GDP #TPP free trade deal that will kill US jobs! #EndTheSilence!

Do YOU eat food? Well, #TPP = MORE GMOs & LESS food safety. But, does @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews consider this news? #EndTheSilence

If EVERY @Teamster in America's fighting Obama's #TPP, is this not news?? @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews #EndTheSilence

There's a human cost to Obama's #TPP@DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, do your jobs & REPORT IT! @CWAUnion

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, WeThePeople & @Teamsters aren't going away, give the American ppl #TPP news! #EndTheSilence

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, u hide news re the largest trade deal in US history #EndTheSilence @Teamsters

Pop Quiz: @DianeSawyer & @ABCWorldNews, What's TPP? A) Trans-Pacific Partnership; B) Taking People's-Power; C) Both A & B #EndTheSilence

Dear @DianeSawyer @ABCWorldNews, report #TPP to Americans, or lose credibility as 'serious' news. #EndTheSilence

Since @DianeSawyer & @ABCWorldNews won't report the REAL news re #TPP, write an OpEd to YOUR daily newspaper!

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Tweets for 2/17/2014

Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch Storm: ‘TPP Free Trade = JOBS GO OFFSHORE; @CWAUnion @AFLCIO #1u 99% for #FairTrade #SharedProsperity!' JOIN US!!


TPP = 22-29% US jobs offshore, 36 mill workers wages compete w lower income nations. @AFLCIO #1u #FairTrade


ONE visit to ur HouseRep/Senator = 100 EMAILS! Congress is home Feb17-21/make ur #TPP talk app't NOW! RT


Making the Economic Case for More Than the Minimum Wage: #FairTrade #SharedProsperity #StopTPP 


US Business & Industry Council poll: 87% of Republicans OPPOSE giving Obama #TPPFastTrack Authority: #tcot #GOP


#TPPFastTrack won’t create #FairTrade that creates #SharedProsperity, WeThePeople deserve better! @AFLCIO #1u 


The US-Korea Free Trade Agreement (KORUS) promised 70,000 jobs, but LOST 40,000 JOBS! #FairTrade #StopTPP! #1u


NAFTA promised 200,000 jobs, but LOST 682,900 JOBS! #FairTrade #SharedProsperity #StopTPP #1u


#TPP legalizes corporate rights over human rights. Congress, support #FairTrade not free trade! #SharedProsperity for WeThePeople!


Voters overwhelmingly pledge to NOT re-elect Congress if they support #TPPFastTrack: #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


Negotiators want #TPP papers to remain secret for 4 years AFTER it's signed into law! #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


‘I have a pen & I have a phone!’ = Obama PowerGrab! Stop #Obamatrade! #tcot @TeaPartyCat @TeaPartyExpress RT


#Obamatrade = Global Governance sold under phony 'free trade' label. #tcot @TeaPartyCat @TeaPartyExpress RT 


If you like Agenda 21, you'll LOVE #Obamatrade TPP! #tcot #TeaParty #GOP @TeaPartyCat @TeaPartyExpress RT


The #TPP: The Latest in a Broken Record of Broken Promises: @CWAUnion #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


TPP rewards Vietnam for the systematic violation of human rights: @CWAUnion #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


FoundingFathers gave trade/domestic policy authority to the ppl's Congress Art.1 Sec. 8. Stop #Obamatrade TPP! #tcot @TeaPartyCat 


FastTrack usurps the Constitution/increases the Imperial President's power. STOP #Obamatrade! #tcot #TeaParty #GOP @TeaPartyCat RT


TPP = Shipping Our Jobs Overseas: #FairTrade #SharedProsperity @CWAUnion #1u


TPP rewards Wall Street & creates more financial instability: @CWAUnion #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


TPPFastTrack allows Obama to to disregard Federalism, STOP #Obamatrade! #tcot #TeaParty #GOP @TeaPartyCat @TeaPartyExpress RT


TPP international tribunals make judgments on state laws, not the US court system. STOP #Obamatrade! #tcot #TeaParty #GOP @TeaPartyCat 


This is what happens to the 99% when US total consumption tilts towards the 1%: #FairTrade #SharedProsperity #1u


#FairTrade & #SharedProsperity will be a reality if WeThePeople DEMAND an end to TPP corporate-centered trade! #1u


It's working! More folks are writing OpEds & TPP's getting covered in local papers, JOIN US!! @pdamerica RT


#1u agrees, "Tell Congress to!" @CWAUnion #FairTrade #SharedProsperity 


US wrkers displaced by NAFTA saw a 20% drop in pay when re-employed. #FairTrade #SharedProsperity #1u #StopTPP


NEW REPORT! 'Did #NAFTA help Mexico after 20 years?’ #StopTPP! #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


A Mexican min wage earner can buy 38% fewer goods than pre-NAFTA; more Mexicans immigrated to the US since NAFTA! @Global132 #StopTPP


#TPP = FOREVER! Once signed, it wd have no expiration date & more countries cd sign on. #FairTrade not TPP Trade! #SharedProsperity #1u 


NAFTA's 20yr legacy: decreased wages/increased inequality. TPP will be FAR worse. #FairTrade #SharedProsperity #1u


U.S. voters agree "#TPP will lower American wages & cost the U.S. jobs." #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


When it comes to the TPP, what you don't know will hurt you: @CWAUnion #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


The Trans-Pacific Partnership: A Terrible Deal for America (and the other countries involved): @CWAUnion 


U.S. needs #FairTrade, not secretive TPP trade that only works for corporations & excludes 99%. #SharedProsperity #StopTPP


How will YOUR #HouseRep vote? 99% UNITE to #FairTrade #SharedProsperity


Thank u, @NancyPelosi, for opposing TPPFastTrack. Now pls support #FairTrade benefitting US workers/not free trade benefitting corporations.


Can't visit Congress? @pdamerica has 200 Letter Drops nationwide, delivers ur Stop #TPPFastTrack ltr FAST!


We need YOU @RepJaredPolis to oppose TPP Trade Promotion Authority! RT 


The Japanese 99% are fighting to #StopTPP too! @SeriousTom1 writes tweets for US/Japan 99% to UNITE:


Congress is home now till 2/21. VISIT THEM! "We want #FairTrade & #SharedProsperity, not TPP free trade!"


We are NOT out of the woods yet stopping TPP Fast Track. Pls visit & share: Keep the pressure on!


Thank u(!!) for sharing links & raising TPP awareness w @TPPMediaMarch! C u next week! Till then:


Tweets for 2/11/2014


Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch #TheDayWeFightBack Storm, JOIN US!! #StopTheNSA #AaronShwartz #NoBackDoorSOPA TPP!


The United States is a democracy, founded upon a Constitution that affords us critical rights, governed by the rule of law. #StopTheNSA


NSA undermines our privacy rights, chilling speech & activism and threatening our democracy. #StopTheNSA #TheDayWeFightBack


#TheDayWeFightBack isn't just about the NSA http://StopTPPFastTrack>! #NOBackDoorSOPA! Transparency for gov’t! Privacy for people!


One year later, remembering Aaron Swartz: #NoBackDoorSOPA for the #TPP!


#WeThePeople DEMAND ending the NSA's subversion of encryption & other data security measures. #StopTheNSA


#TPP is an attempt to bring in already defeated #SOPA legislation through the backdoor - #NoBackDoorSOPA


#TPP = Son of SOPA. Our internet freedom is at stake AGAIN! #NoBackDoorSOPA 


Leaked #TPP text of the #IP chapter includes provisions similar to those in #SOPA legislation. via @EconomyInCrisis 


#Congress returns home Feb 17-21, GO VISIT THEM! Tell ur #HouseRep LIVE to! 


Better listen up #Congress!! #WeThePeople have spoken: No SOPA, NO #TPP


Send a Letter to Congress Demanding an End to Mass Surveillance! #TheDayWeFightBack #TPP #NoBackDoorSOPA!


#TPP =  EXTREME #InternetCensorship w loss of privacy & criminal charges! #NoBackDoorSOPA TPP!


The #TPP is worse than #SOPA. Stop worldwide internet censorship, before it's too late! #NoBackDoorSOPA http://


#TPP hides sneaky SOPA spy deal #NoBackDoorSOPA


The #TPP is brought to u by the same corporate criminals that thought up #SOPA, #ACTA, & #NAFTA. #NoBackDoorSOPA


FACT: best way 2 raise #TPP awareness is to write an OpED, how to found here: #NoBackDoorSOPA


#SOPA is back again! This time it's in the #TPP, learn more:  #NoBackDoorSOPA 


Last year, the Internet ROSE UP to protest #SOPA controlling internet freedom to benefit the 1% -- NOW IT'S BACK IN THE TPP! #NoBackDoorSOPA


How will YOUR #HouseRep vote?? 99% UNITE to 


NO Mass Surveillance!! #StoptheNSA & #NoBackDoorSOPA TPP! 


NSA says we need mass surveillance to stop terrorist acts, yet NO attacks have been prevented by mass surveillance! #StopTheNSA


The #TPP will bring SOPA in thru the backdoor! http:// @EconomyInCrisis #NoBackDoorSOPA!


#TPP = censorship like #SOPA, enacted in secret. We can stop it: #NoBackDoorSOPA via @fightfortheftr 


#Congress is home Feb 17-21. Call TODAY 202 224-3121 to set-up a home visit in their office. Great oppt'y 2 tell school them LIVE!


#SOPA & #ACTA still see the light of day via the #TPP,  #TTIP and/or #CETA - the corporate power tools of the 1%! #NoBackDoorSOPA!


Stop Fast Track for #TPP & #TTIP #NoBackDoorSOPA TPP!


Can't visit ur #HouseRep? @pdamerica has 200+ Letter Drops nationwide to get ur ltr to Capitol Hill FAST! 


Just a YEAR after Aaron Schwartz & SOPA, we're in the fight of our lives w mass NSA surveillance & the toxic TPP - #NoBackDoorSOPA! WakeUP!


#WeThePeople DEMAND passing a USA FREEDOM Act to end the bulk collection of our phone records & institute other key reforms. #StopTheNSA


Mainstream media leaves ppl in the dark about Trans-Pacific Partnership #TPP Just Like With #SOPA. #ows #tcot #tpp


Imagine what the web would be if we hadn't defeated #SOPA 2 yrs ago. #TPP is SOPA on steroids. #NoBackDoorSOPA!


TPP is backdoor to SOPA Surveillance #NoBackDoorSOPA 


Honor Aaron Shwartz's memory. Protect net neutrality & privacy. #NoBackDoorSOPA TPP! 


#WeThePeople DEMAND defeat of the so-called FISA Improvements Act, which would entrench & potentially expand spying. #StopTheNSA


#NoBackDoorSOPA TPP! Obama cronies rape internet! @TeaPartyCat @TeaPartyExpress #tcot 


OPA is end to privacy. #TPP is express train to SOPA. Do the math. #NoBackDoorSOPA


#WeThePeople DEMAND creating additional privacy protections for non-Americans. #StopTheNSA @Global132 


Dear #Congress: #WeThePeople urge u to! WE ARE WATCHING YOU!! Call/Visit today! (202) 224-3121


Stop fast track for the #TPP #NoBackDoorSOPA


#TPP brings NSA spying in through backdoor! #NoBackDoorSOPA


Thank u(!!) for sharing in #TheDayWeFightBack storm w @TPPMediaMarch! C u next week! #StopTheNSA AND!


Previous Tweets (January 31st)


Welcome to our Jan. 31st #STOPTPP Day of Action Storm, JOIN US!!  Find an event near YOU & more info. here:

No More #NAFTA, 20 years is enough! This is a #StopTPP CallToAction for communities throughout #Mexico #Canada & USA 2 JOIN US on Jan 31! 

For 20 yrs, #NAFTA has devasted wrking families/small farmers/indigenous ppls/small biz & #environment in #Canada #Mexico & USA! #StopTPP

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (#TPP) has been described as “#NAFTAonSteroids,” no more toxic trade agreements! #StopTPP #NoFastTrack

We're calling on u 2 attend/help organize a demonstration against #NAFTA &  #StopTPP in ur community/more info here 

#Mexico 20yrs after #NAFTA: #Starbucks #Walmart #KrispyKreme

Over 35 actions & counting planned across North America to #StopTPP Together we can derail the #TPP!

It's not too late to organize a #STOPTPP action in your community as part of the January 31st Day of Action #TPP Which January 31st #STOPTPP demo looks the most bad-ass? Chicago, San Fran, Orlando, NY, Red Deer, Mexico City? #TPP

20 years of #NAFTA is 20 yrs too many! Help stop the #TPP "Nafta-on-Steroids" - #STOPTPP Day of Action on Jan 31

Canada, Mexico and the US are united to #STOPTPP. Day of action to prevent a NAFTA on Steroids this January 31st

Don't let Congress Fast Track the #TPP train wreck. Join the Jan 31st day of action to #StopTPP at

In #Toronto we stand against the #TPP and #corporaterights deals that trample community rights #StopTPP 

Make YOUR voice heard to help stop the #TPP and no say no more #NAFTA! Join #STOPTPP Day of Action on Jan 31

Plz RT: Jan 31st is #STOPTPP Day of Action. JOIN folks from Canada Mexico & US to help stop #TTP aka #NAFTAonSteroids

NOW is the time to say No More #NAFTA, #STOPTPP! Join Jan 31st #STOPTPP Day of Action, here's how: Plz RT

Call to Action: Say No More #NAFTA and help #STOPTPP! Get ready for Jan 31st #STOPTPP Day of Action, here's how:

Jan 31st is Inter-Continental Day of Action to #STOPTPP. Here's how YOU can get involved TODAY: Plz RT

Join #USFT, students, and activists around the WORLD on Jan 31st to #STOPTPP and protest the threat on our rights and health as humans!

We reject policy that threatens our right to edible food, clean air and water, and privacy! Join us Jan 31st to #STOPTPP 

Join the #StopTPP Day of Action & help derail Fast Track this January 31

Jan 31: San Fran will be urging Rep @NancyPelosi to lead against Fast Track for the #TPP #StopTPP

Chicago rally will urge @RepMikeQuigley to oppose Fast Track and #StopTPP #TPP

#TPP Day of Action on 1/31: help tell @repjoecrowley that NY says NO to Fast Track #StopTPP

Boston will be turning out for the January 31st #TPP Day of Action #StopTPP

Hartford, CT will be saying NO to the #TPP during the 1/31 Day of Action #StopTPP

Jacksonville, FL is gearing up for the #STOPTPP Day of Action this January 31st #TPP

San Diego continues the fight against the #TPP during the Day of Action on 1/31 #StopTPP

What a beautiful poster for the Jan. 31 #STOPTPP march in Mexico City #TPP

Dallas, Texas will be rallying to #STOPTPP & Fast Track during the 1/31 international day of action

WikiLeaks showed the #TPP "environment" chapter is a joke! Rally to #STOPTPP this Jan 31

Thought corporate personhood was bad? Next is corporation nationhood! Join the 1/31 #StopTPP Day of Action

Like family-wage jobs? Hate sweatshops? Join the January 31st #StopTPP day of action #TPP

Congress! America has awoken! I'm joining the #STOPTPP Day of Action this Jan 31 #TPP

U don't Fast Track a train wreck! Join the January 31st #StopTPP Day of Action #TPP

North America united to #StopTPP! Check out the January 31st #TPP Day of Action at

Portland, Oregon is saying NO to Fast Track during the 1/31 #STOPTPP Day of Action

Fast Track for the #TPP is going down! #StopTPP Day of Action on January 31st

No more back-room deals for the 1%! Join the #STOPTPP Day of Action on January 31

We can defeat the #TPP - but we need to act! Join the #STOPTPP day of action on January 31st

In 40 North American communities we are saying NO to more corporate rights deals like the #TPP. Find out how to join us

NAFTA's legacy? More trade but fewer good jobs, fewer public services, a dirtier planet and weaker democracies. On Jan 31 say no to more NAFTAs, No to #TPP!

North American communities say NO to more corporate rights deals like the #TPP. Find out how to join us

NAFTA's legacy? More trade but fewer jobs, fewer public services, a dirtier planet + weaker democracy. Jan 31 say no to NAFTA+ deal#TPP!

Toronto is saying NO to NAFTA expansion in the #TPP. Join us for a march from Mex to U.S. consulates

London, ON - Walk to Invest in Our Families' Futures / No to unfair trade deals #NAFTA #TPP

Thank you(!!) for #TPP Storming w us 2nite! JOIN our Jan. 31st #STOPTPP Day of Action, find an event near YOU here:



Previous Tweets (January 21st)

Welcome to @TPPMediaMarch TwitterStorm “REALITY CHECK: The #TPP Won’t Only Affect Asia, WAKE-up USA” JOIN US! #NoFastTrackTPP
If #TPP is fast tracked thru #Congress, it'll mean an EXPLOSION of #fracking, why?? Bc #Japan desperately needs our LNG! #NoFastTrackTPP
What's #FastTrack? Read this & JOIN US to #NoFastTrackTPP
The #TPP is  a #GMO Agri-biz wet dream: #GMOLobby goes GLOBAL forcing #GMOs on participating countries = MORE #RoundUP #NoFastTrackTPP
REALITY CHECK: It's time to return our gov't to 'of the ppl, for the ppl, by the ppl'. Visit YOUR #HouseRep & DEMAND #NoFastTrackTPP!
#TPP = excess of inhumane farm animal #CAFOs/lethal animal waste flooding US rivers w H20 poisoned w/ #AntibioticResistance #NoFastTrackTPP
Did u know the #TPP will change our copyright laws? Urge your #HouseRep to #NoFastTrackTPP @OpenMedia @OpenMedia_ca
#TPP = unsafe/unlabeled imported seafood from filthy fish farms that wd never pass #FDA inspection w workers paid $.25hr #NoFastTrackTPP
#TPP =  EXTREME #InternetCensorship & loss of privacy with criminal charges!
#TPP REQUIRES trading partners 2 have clauses that elevate #ForeignInvestor rights above domestic investors & govt.'s #NoFastTrackTPP
Dear #Congress: #WeThePeople urge you to #NoFastTrackTPP! WE ARE WATCHING YOU!!  Call/Visit today! (202) 224-3121
Thxs to #Wikileaks, we know #TPP wd expand the controversial system of extreme corporate privileges: #InvestorState regime. #NoFastTrackTPP
#Congress is in their home states this week, go visit them! Tell your #HouseRep LIVE to #NoFastTrackTPP! 
Click on this interactive US map to see YOUR #HouseRep will vote! 99% UNITE to #NoFastTrackTPP 
Dear #Obama: #WeThePeople want trade that's Fair, Green & Healthy for our families! #NoFastTrackTPP 
#TPP = #organic small family farmers must compete w corporation scale inhumane #GMO agri-biz subsidized 'family' farms. #NoFastTrackTPP 
#TPP = #GMOLabeling viewed as a #TradeBarrier to #Monsanto's profits$$$! Fight Back! Call/visit YOUR #HouseRep #NoFastTrackTPP
#TPP gives corporations MORE power 2 rule your lives, control gov'ts & sue for unlimited sums of $$$ in offshore tribunals! #NoFastTrackTPP
Our fearless #FoundingFathers wd never imagine facing-off w #Monsanto 4 the global domination of #GMOs in our food! #WAKEup #NoFastTrackTPP
If you don't tell ur #HouseRep to #NoFastTrackTPP, prepare to #TPP kiss goodbye unimportant stuff like #LivingWage #FoodSafety #Internet 
'#TPP is a #FastTrack 2 #FreeTrade!' says #Obama REALITY CHECK: $.25hr/filthy imported food/global policing of #GMOs by #Monsanto 
#FastTrack is an undemocratic process to pass bad trade deals for the 99% w no debate/no amendments. #NoFastTrackTPP
"A Do-Nothing Congress becomes a Rubber-Stamp Congress." - @AlanGrayson #NoFastTrackTPP 
Tell the @edshow why YOU oppose the #TPP! #NoFastTrackTPP
#WakeUP! Unelected lobbyists are deciding our digital future in secrecy w the #TPP! #NoFastTrackTPP @TheOpenMedia 
#TPP =  #Monsanto literally legally enforcing #GMOs to be grown & sold EVERYWHERE! #WakeUP #NoFastTrackTPP
REALITY CHECK: We need clean water to live. Who is speaking up for the environment in the #TPP? #NoFastTrackTPP #fracking #LNG
#TPP educate YOUR #HouseRep! @pdamerica has 200+ Letter Drops nationwide to get ur ltr to Capitol Hill FAST! 
Dear #Congress: int'l trade shd be GREEN & FAIR. Protect our #environment #LivingWage & clean H20! #NoFastTrackTPP
It's easy to raise #TPP awareness with the handy #TPPOccuCard @FlushtheTPP #NoFastTrackTPP
FACT: best way 2 get your #HouseRep's attention is to write an OpED, how to found here: #NoFastTrackTPP 
Do u know how to get that #TPP OpEd u just wrote, published? Great tips here! @pdamerica #NoFastTrackTPP
Want to get your #TPP LetterToEditor or OpEd published? Try ur local paper first, handy zip code news finder here: 
#WAKEup! #TPP makes internat'l corps MORE powerful than govt's & limits govt's ability 2 make laws protecting their citizens #NoFastTrackTPP
Since when do #Banksters need MORE Benefits? #TPP lets #WallStreet roll back safeguards 2 control securities firms.
#TPP = the end of #HumanelyRaised. Small/caring #organic farmers can't $$$ compete w #TPP sized giant #CAFO agri-businesses #NoFastTrackTPP
When #Japan needs MORE LNG, which it does & will, what'll happen to our #fracking laws w #TPP? Kiss your safe H20 goodbye! #NoFastTrackTPP
'Liberty, once lost, is lost forever.' -John Adams #TPP = ultimate corporate power grab, 99% must #WakeUP #RiseUP DEMAND #NoFastTrackTPP
Now they you're a #TPP expert, share what u know w ur neighbors/families/friends/co-workers! Get them to call 202 224-3121 #NoFastTrackTPP 
Jan 31st is #NAFTA #TPP Day of Action!  Attend and/or help organize a demonstration in ur community/more info here 
Tell the world why YOU oppose the #TPP! #CorporateNationhood #FoodSovereignty Protect your #EatLocal farmer!
#Congress is home Jan. 20-24. Call 2dy to set-up a home visit in their office. Great oppt'y 2 tell them LIVE to #NoFastTrackTPP!
Thank u(!) for @TPPMediaMarch Stormin 2nite! C u next week for our special State of the Union storm, look out #Obama, 99% is #TPP waking-up!
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Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track - Where Does Your Legislator Stand

Click your state to see your Senators and Representatives

Green = Most Legislators Oppose Fast Track, Yellow = Some Opposition, Orange = Oppose TPP, Gray = Unknown
DeLauro 13 - Signed 2013 DeLauro/Miller letter
Pocan - Signed Freshman Letter Opposing Fast Track
W/M - Signed Ways and Means Letter opposing TPP
Gibson - Signed Rep. Chris Gibson letter opposing TPP
SOPA - Oppose Stop Online Piracy Act - voted against
Currency - Oppose Currency Manipulation (Signed Michaud Letter)
Textile - Oppose changes to "First Yarn" (Signed Textile Industry Letter)

TPP and Trade Articles

  • TPP Media March Twitter Storm
    TPP Media March Twitter Storm

    Join our TPP Twitter Storm. Everyone with a Twitter account can participate. The Twitter storm begins on Tuesday at 9pm Eastern!

    Written on Tuesday, 15 April 2014 00:00
  • Biden Remark Casts Doubt on Pillar of U.S. Trade Agenda
    Biden Remark Casts Doubt on Pillar of U.S. Trade Agenda

    WASHINGTON — Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. on Friday acknowledged that Congress will not grant President Obama fast-track trade promotion authority, which analysts say is critical to the president’s hopes to forge huge trade deals with Asia and Europe.

    Written on Friday, 14 February 2014 21:34
  • Hated on the Left, the TPP Draws Conservative Foes
    Hated on the Left, the TPP Draws Conservative Foes

    “The President said, if you like your health insurance, you can keep it,” says Curtis Ellis of the American Jobs Alliance, a small conservative group based in Virginia that opposes the outsourcing of U.S. jobs overseas. “Now essentially, with Obamatrade, he’s saying, if you like your job, you can keep it.”

    Written on Sunday, 02 February 2014 16:46
  • Harry Reid: Fast Track Free Trade Bill Goes Nowhere
    Harry Reid: Fast Track Free Trade Bill Goes Nowhere

    WASHINGTON -- The fast track trade bill introduced in the Senate last week will go nowhere anytime soon, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) said Tuesday.

    Written on Wednesday, 29 January 2014 19:56
  • 5 Things to Do This Week to Derail the TPP Fast Track
    5 Things to Do This Week to Derail the TPP Fast Track

    No matter what your top issue is, we can all agree that decisions that affect all of us should not be made in secret without input from the public. The Camp-Baucus Fast Track bill would limit the ability of Congress to meaningfully debate and amend trade agreements.

    Written on Tuesday, 28 January 2014 14:56
  • Who Backs the TPP and a 'NAFTA on Steroids'? Nobody Even Slightly Progressive
    Who Backs the TPP and a 'NAFTA on Steroids'? Nobody Even Slightly Progressive

    If President Obama uses his State of the Union address to launch a major push for “fast-track” authority to bypass congressional input and oversight on a sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal, he will need new allies to generate support around the country.

    Written on Saturday, 25 January 2014 01:20
  • Obama's State of the Union Dilemma: Pushing Fast Track for TPP Would Increase Income Inequality
    Obama's State of the Union Dilemma: Pushing Fast Track for TPP Would Increase Income Inequality

    In his upcoming State of the Union speech, President Barack Obama is expected to prioritize what is emerging as his legacy issue: combatting America's growing wealth inequality. Expect him to promote policies to create new middle-class jobs, especially in manufacturing, and counter the erosion of wages now undermining workers economy-wide.

    But in the speech, Obama is also expected to highlight several major trade initiatives, including his priority Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, a massive pact with 11 Asian and Latin American nations that Obama hopes to sign quickly. The business lobby is at full tilt pushing Obama to use the SOTU to call on Congress to pass Fast Track trade authority for the TPP.

    Written on Friday, 24 January 2014 16:42
  • Over 50 Groups. One Call: 'Stop Fast Track' of TPP
    Over 50 Groups. One Call: 'Stop Fast Track' of TPP highlights how secretive trade deal "threatens everything you care about: democracy, jobs, the environment, and the Internet."

    With the launch of, the organizations highlight how renewal of Fast Track legislation, also known as Trade Legislation Authority, would take away Congress' democratic power in deliberating and amending the TPP, which thus far has been negotiated behind closed doors, with the only information about it being provided through leaks.

    Written on Friday, 24 January 2014 16:29
  • Ellison’s Steps to Income Equality: More Powerful Unions and Weaker Trade
    Ellison’s Steps to Income Equality: More Powerful Unions and Weaker Trade

    Congressional Progressive Caucus co-chairman Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) said that increasing the power of unions is key to addressing income inequality in America.

    Written on Thursday, 23 January 2014 14:56
  • Rep. Raúl Grijalva: Trans-Pacific trade deal is bad for working Americans
    Rep. Raúl Grijalva: Trans-Pacific trade deal is bad for working Americans

    No matter what line of work you’re in, you should be watching the debate over the emerging trade deal called the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) very closely.

    It’s going to impact the American economy as much as NAFTA, and whatever version gets approved is going to be with us for a very long time.

    Written on Wednesday, 22 January 2014 21:12
  • TPP Tweets for January 14th
    TPP Tweets for January 14th

    Please join our Twitter storm on Tuesday, January 14th at 9pm Eastern. You can use the PDA map to find out what TPP issues are of interest/concern to your Congress Member.

    Written on Monday, 13 January 2014 00:00
  • New Fast-Track Bill Means Higher Trade Deficits and Lost Jobs
    New Fast-Track Bill Means Higher Trade Deficits and Lost Jobs

    Senator Max Baucus (D-Mont.) and Representative Dave Camp (R-Mich.) have officially introduced fast-track trade authority legislation in Congress. Fast track is a process that bypasses Congress’ constitutional role in the treaty process. Fast track prohibits amendments to a trade treaty, limits Congress’ right to debate and requires an up-or-down vote (even though Senate Republicans have filibustered more than 400 other times since President Obama took office) within 90 days of the treaty coming before the Congress.

    Written on Saturday, 11 January 2014 02:13
  • Get Ready for the 2014 Trade Tsunami
    Get Ready for the 2014 Trade Tsunami

    Hard work, smart planning and perseverance made 2013 a year of inspiring fair-trade activism. Vibrant grassroots activism and dogged D.C. advocacy resulted in a new level of public and congressional concern about the perils of Fast Track and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP).

    Written on Saturday, 21 December 2013 22:35
  • Calgary-based mining company suing Costa Rica for more than $1 billion
    Calgary-based mining company suing Costa Rica for more than $1 billion

    A billion-dollar showdown is looming in Central America this week as a Calgary-based mining company announced it will sue the country of Costa Rica, infuriating residents who say their sovereignty is being taken away.

    Infinito Gold was hoping to operate an open-pit gold mine in the Crucitas region of Costa Rica’s north.

    Written on Thursday, 12 December 2013 12:08
  • Obama's Corporate Agenda Delayed as TPP Misses Deadline
    Obama's Corporate Agenda Delayed as TPP Misses Deadline

    Negotiators fail to close deal amid revelations of internal discord over US corporate bullying. The Obama administration's pro-corporate Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agenda appears to have missed a deadline.

    Written on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 00:57
  • WTO agreement condemned as deal for corporations, not world's poor
    WTO agreement condemned as deal for corporations, not world's poor

    First global trade deal in 20 years to boost world commerce 'favours big business at the expense of developing countries' The World Trade Organisation has sealed its first global trade deal after almost 160 ministers who had gathered on the Indonesian island of Bali agreed to reforms to boost world commerce.

    Written on Sunday, 08 December 2013 16:02
  • Anti-poverty groups condemn WTO pact as big business boost
    Anti-poverty groups condemn WTO pact as big business boost

    Developing countries including India win concessions but critics say World Trade Organisation is no forum for helping the poor. The first global trade deal since the creation of the World Trade Organisation (WTO) nearly two decades ago was condemned by anti-poverty groups on Friday as a boost for big business at the expense of developing nations.

    Written on Sunday, 08 December 2013 15:55
  • New Trans-Pacific Partnership Caucus In US Congress
    New Trans-Pacific Partnership Caucus In US Congress

    A new caucus of supporters of the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement under negotiation was launched yesterday in the US Congress.

    The Friends of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) caucus is headed by four co-chairman: Republican Reps. David Reichert of Washington and Charles Boustany of Louisiana, and Democratic Reps. Ron Kind of Wisconsin and Gregory Meeks of New York.

    Written on Tuesday, 26 November 2013 00:30
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty is the Complete Opposite of 'Free Trade'
    The Trans-Pacific Partnership Treaty is the Complete Opposite of 'Free Trade' The TPP would strip our constitutional rights, while offering no gains for the majority of Americans. It's a win for corporations. The proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement among 12 governments, touted as one of the largest "free trade" agreements in US history, is running into difficulties as the public learns more about it.
    Written on Saturday, 23 November 2013 21:10
  • Trade talks open in Utah, but secrecy spurs protests
    Trade talks open in Utah, but secrecy spurs protests

    Outside Salt Lake City’s Grand America Hotel on Tuesday, the rains fell, the speakers rose, the marchers chanted.

    Inside, top trade negotiators from the United States and 11 other Pacific Rim nations perhaps discussed imports and exports, profits and products, prices and patents. The exact topics aren’t known. The talks were closed.

    Written on Wednesday, 20 November 2013 00:31
  • TPP Disclosure Shows It Will Kill People and Internet; House Opposition Is Widespread
    TPP Disclosure Shows It Will Kill People and Internet; House Opposition Is Widespread

    We wrote yesterday that this deal, the Trans Pacific Partnership, already looked to be in trouble given both Congressional and foreign opposition. The Administration has conducted the talks with an unheard-of degree of secrecy, with Congressional staffers in most cases denied access to the text and even Congressmen themselves facing unheard-of obstacles (Alan Grayson reported that the US Trade Representative created an absurd six weeks of dubious delays in his case).

    Written on Saturday, 16 November 2013 02:02
  • New Trans Pacific trade partnership stirs worries
    New Trans Pacific trade partnership stirs worries

    The New York Times reported serious worry in the U.S. Congress about the Trans Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP for short), a massive new free trade deal being pushed by the United States with the involvement of 11 other countries on both sides of the Pacific. About 170 Congresspersons have signed on to one or more of three letters which oppose fast track status forthe deal.

    Written on Friday, 15 November 2013 16:16
  • Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP)
    Secret Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) The TPP is the largest-ever economic treaty, encompassing nations representing more than 40 per cent of the world’s GDP. The WikiLeaks release of the text comes ahead of the decisive TPP Chief Negotiators summit in Salt Lake City, Utah, on 19-24 November 2013. 

    Written on Friday, 15 November 2013 01:26
  • Some 194 Members of Congress Publicly Express Trans Pacific Partnership Concerns to the President
    Some 194 Members of Congress Publicly Express Trans Pacific Partnership Concerns to the President

    Today, 151 Democratic members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to President Obama laying out their concerns about the lack of consultation during the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations and their opposition to “fast tracking” the deal without any meaningful congressional input. House Democrats joined the growing chorus of some 194 members of Congress who have publicly expressed their frustrations with this massive trade agreement.

    Written on Thursday, 14 November 2013 00:00
  • Letters: More scrutiny of the TPP trade pact
    Letters: More scrutiny of the TPP trade pact The TPP also would extend trade preferences to such countries as Vietnam instead of holding them accountable for their deplorable human rights and worker records.  And the TPP would enable polluting corporations to challenge clean air and water policies if they interfered with expected profits.

    Written on Friday, 01 November 2013 15:15
  • Trade Issues Remain Low-Profile in Congress
    Trade Issues Remain Low-Profile in Congress

    To hear lawmakers tell it, efforts to move trade legislation through the House Ways and Means Committee, while earnest and ongoing, have hit snags in the 113th Congress.

    Several big pieces of legislation are slowly winding their way through the committee, including bills dealing with trade-promotion authority and the proposed Trans-Pacific Partnership.

    Written on Thursday, 24 October 2013 15:45
  • Trading You In
    Trading You In

    Ten score and thirteen years ago corporate forefathers began conquering wilderness, steam, gas, oil, electricity, transcontinental rails and airways communication, prospering by quenching America’s thirst for more, better, faster.  Now we who built it, want more, faster, so thinking locally, we trade globally.  Thus unlike you, we will always have money to eat.

    Written on Monday, 21 October 2013 00:00
  • Will Obama Fast-Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership?
    Will Obama Fast-Track the Trans-Pacific Partnership?

    President Barack Obama has demanding a ‘trade promotion authority’ from the United States Congress to fast-track the Pacific Rim treaty, the Trans-Pacific Partnership.[1]

    The fast-track authority plays a pivotal role in determining the extent to which the United States Congress can engage in a critical review of trade agreements.[2]

    Written on Thursday, 17 October 2013 20:25
  • There's an International Plan to Censor the Internet in the Works -- Let's Stop It in Its Tracks
    There's an International Plan to Censor the Internet in the Works -- Let's Stop It in Its Tracks

    How the Trans Pacific Partnership making its way through Washington seriously undermines citizens’ rights to participate in a free and open Internet. One month. That’s the time left before the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) could become a finalized agreement.

    Written on Wednesday, 16 October 2013 00:05
  • A Corporate Coup in Disguise
    A Corporate Coup in Disguise

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership would create a virtually permanent corporate rule over the people. What if our national leaders told us that communities across America had to eliminate such local programs as Buy Local, Buy American, Buy Green, etc. to allow foreign corporations to have the right to make the sale on any products purchased with our tax dollars?

    Written on Thursday, 03 October 2013 03:17
  • 'Flush the TPP!': Protesters Scale Trade Building in Protest of Secretive Deal
    'Flush the TPP!': Protesters Scale Trade Building in Protest of Secretive Deal

    Protesters scaled the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative on Monday and dropped banners calling for greater transparency and an end to "corporatocracy" over the ongoing and secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement currently in the works between the United States and several Pacific nations.

    Written on Tuesday, 24 September 2013 03:31
  • Secretive Free Trade Agreement Puts Climate, Public Health at Risk
    Secretive Free Trade Agreement Puts Climate, Public Health at Risk

    New warnings on TPP, free trade 'regime' fostering 'global emergency situation'

    As secretive talks over the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)—the pending free trade agreement slammed as "NAFTA on steroids" and "a quiet coup for the investor class"—continue, new warnings highlight the corporate winners and global losers at stake.

    Written on Monday, 16 September 2013 02:45
  • Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track
    Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track

    President Obama has asked Congress to provide “Fast Track” authorization for consideration of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) a new “free trade” deal.

    The negotiations for this new “free trade” agreement have been conducted in secret. Members of Congress as well as the public have no factual information about the contents of this deal.

    Written on Sunday, 15 September 2013 17:36
  • TPP Talking Points

    The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a proposed agreement between the U.S. and 12 nations that do business throughout the Pacific Rim. TPP and its European cousin the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (aka TAFTA), are "free trade" agreements that do much more than the term implies.

    Written on Monday, 02 September 2013 00:00
  • Obama's secret trade deal threatens prescription drug prices on global scale
    Obama's secret trade deal threatens prescription drug prices on global scale

    The US pharmaceutical industry has been shaping elements of the Obama administration’s secret Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement to favor their own profits. But the deal could also could cause the price of prescription drugs and some medical devices to soar on a global scale.

    Written on Saturday, 27 July 2013 00:00
  • Pocan Calls for Increased Transparency on Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement to Protect American Jobs
    Pocan Calls for Increased Transparency on Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement to Protect American Jobs

    Pocan urges Congress not to give up its constitutional authority to oversee foreign trade agreements

    Written on Friday, 14 June 2013 00:00
  • Alan Grayson On Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama Secrecy Hides 'Assault On Democratic Government'
    Alan Grayson On Trans-Pacific Partnership: Obama Secrecy Hides 'Assault On Democratic Government'

    Progressive Democrats in Congress are ramping up pressure on the Obama administration to release the text of Trans-Pacific Partnership, a secretive free trade agreement with 10 other nations, amid intensifying controversy over the administration's transparency record and its treatment of classified information.

    Written on Thursday, 13 June 2013 00:00

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The Trans Pacific Partnership: Corporate Global Domination

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