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  • Equal Rights Amendment

    Equal Rights Amendment

    The ERA 3 State Strategy Issue

  • Healthcare Human Rights

    Healthcare Human Rights

    It is a moral outrage for a co

  • End Wars and Occupation

    End Wars and Occupation

    Since 2001, terrorism and inst

  • End Corporate Rule

    End Corporate Rule

    Time and again, whether we are

  • End Mass Criminalization

    End Mass Criminalization

    The United States houses 25% o

  • Stop Global Warming

    Stop Global Warming

    No issue reveals more clearly

  • Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

    Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

    The U.S. election system is in

  • Economic and Social Justice

    Economic and Social Justice

    The enormous wealth disparity

  • Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track

    Stop the Trans Pacific Partnership Fast Track

    President Obama has asked Cong

Voter Access Protection/Election Integrity

Stop Bad Free Trade Deals

End Mass Criminalization

Economic and Social Justice

End Wars and Occupations

End Corporate Rule

Healthcare Human Right

Stop Global Warming

Russell welcomes Ben Ptashnik--PDA National Campaign Coordinator and Director of the National Elections Integrity Coalition (NEIC).

Ben is a former Vermont State Senator, and a life-long human rights advocate, environmental activist, and community organizer. As a clean government activist and Chair of the Vermont Public Interest Research Group (VPIRG), Ben organized the Vermont Campaign for Clean Elections in 1994, aimed at driving big money out of politics.

He was elected to the Vermont Senate in 1996, where he served on the Government Operations, Health and Welfare, Agriculture, and Economic development committees. He is focused on stopping climate change, ensuring clean elections, and promoting human rights as PDA Campaign Coordinator.


Featured News

  • US Senate candidate Thom Tillis reverses course, urges NC to consider expanding Medicaid +

    In last spring’s Republican primary, U.S. Senate candidate Thom Tillis ran an ad touting his fight against an expanded Medicaid Read More
  • First New York Green Bank deals to bring up to $800MM in Clean Energy Investments to New York State +

    Today, the New York Green Bank (NYGB) announced its first planned transactions. It's a broad, impressive set of offerings that Read More
  • Why are the Poor Paying for Detroit's Bankruptcy +

    Detroit’s bankruptcy is a model for how wealthier and whiter Americans escape the costs of public goods they’d otherwise share Read More
  • North Carolina Republicans still trying to suppress the student vote +

    If you can be drafted at 18, be sent overseas to kill and die for your country, you should be Read More
  • Nurses meet with California Governor and will speak before Congress in continued fight for Ebola preparedness +

    Nurses across the country this week held actions, testified at hearings, and hosted panel discussions with government officials to highlight Read More
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